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  • I love murals and actively seek them out in any city I travel to. This is horrible.

  • Oh dear lord. That is appalling. If I were a neighbor, I’d be pissed as hell. Then I’d be buying a few gallons of paint and be engaging in a little guerrilla beautification.

  • Inspiring!

  • Dear Shaw,

    Please send us your mural artists. We need them.



  • i guess a homeboy’s gotta learn somewhere.

  • Looks like someone allowed their aspiring-artist Dear Child to go wild with this one. It’s pretty terrible, but hopefully they will paint over it soon.

  • Are we sure this isn’t actual graffiti? If the homeowner put this here on purpose, then I’d be incensed if I were their neighbor. There are plenty of awesome murals in DC, this is not one of them.

    • “incensed”? over what someone else does with their property?

      • This is a community. We all share the same space. That’s why people get upset about unsightly pop-ups, etc. If I lived on this block, I’d be annoyed.

        Agreed re. “There are plenty of awesome murals in DC; this is not one of them.”

  • “Mura’?” Or really baaaaaaaad graffiti? I’m leaning towards the latter (and hope I’m right . . .).

  • Thumbs down.

  • Not the worst I’ve seen, but is a bit amateurish. 6.5/10 rating.

    • What would get a 1 out of 10 from you? Rotten pizza crusts and rat corpses nailed to a wall?? Or would you just call that “edgy”?

      • Damien Hirst: “That’s a brilliant idea. I will sell it to a Russian oligarch for $3 million.”

  • Down. I agree that this is graffiti and not a mural.

    • Wait, so you don’t like this public art so you classify it as graffiti? But if you do like it, then it’s a mural?

      If the work was down with permission from the property owner than by definition it’s not graffiti.

  • I like the frobot with the window mouth, could look cool at night if they take the board out and leave a light on.

  • LOL, looks like someones shroom trip

    but sriously people chill out. No i dont expect you to love everythign your neighbor does with their property but im sure they dont all drool over your yards

  • justinbc

    This is really, really bad. Let’s hope it was done while the homeowner was away on vacation for a week and didn’t notice it happening.

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