New Coffee Option for Bloomingdale

Photo by PoPville flickr user Joe in DC

Janette writes:

“Bloomingdale now has a new place to get a cup of joe and delicious French-style pastries. Showtime Lounge is serving both in the A.M.”

Showtime tweeted:

“Showtime now open at 7 am Mon-Fri! $1 coffee, $2 iced coffee, $3 pastries from local farmers market regulars Panorama Bakery”

Showtime is located at 113 Rhode Island Ave, NW.

Photo courtesy Janette from Bloomingdale

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  • Interesting and welcome….however, why are they not using Grassroots gourmet, just across the street?

    • Why would they? People can get those across the street.

      And if the goods from Panorama Bakery are good they people have 2 choices in stead of one that happened to be served at 2 different places.

  • i dig it. i like the coffee cups they are using in the picture. classic.

  • this is going to do well with the bus stop right in front. People complained that grassroots didnt open up early enough

  • Awesome!

  • justinbc

    This is the place we saw the dumpy photo of a while back right? It looks like it’s still sort of unkempt, but better than I had ultimately imagined. That’s quite the interesting tap setup in the back corner.

    • This is the same place, but don’t let it fool you, this place is great and I’m so happy that they’ll be serving coffee.

      The tap set up is pretty cool, out of that old water tank?

    • It’s a no-frills neighborhood bar, what more did you expect? Not every new place has to be built out with hundreds of thousands of dollars and a “design team”. Go for a cheap beer + shot and report back, it’s a great place for neighbors of all stripes to hang out.

      Grassroots really should have stepped up their game on early morning coffee right from the get go, if I recall they didn’t open until after 9:00 initially (and they still have limited hours). The combination of the G8 bus stop crowds and $1 coffee will really siphon off whatever business they were getting that wasn’t already going to Big Bear anyway. Panorama has a stand at the Bloomingdale farmers market and has a local following already as well.

  • this place has been awesome so far. the bus stop is gonna make bank for the coffee side of things.

  • This place is super awesome! Very friendly staff, welcoming simple neighborhood feel – just right!

  • Oh yeah! Have been waiting for some place besides Big Bear to get coffee in BloMi – finally!!

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