Neil Diamond will perform “Freedom Song (They’ll Never Take Us Down)” during the Nationals-Brewers game on Thursday, July 4 at Nationals Park

From a press release:

The Washington Nationals are proud to announce that legendary singer-songwriter Neil Diamond will perform his latest single “Freedom Song (They’ll Never Take Us Down)” during the Nationals-Brewers game on Thursday, July 4 at Nationals Park. It will mark the first time Diamond performs this song live, which he was inspired to write in the wake of this past April’s Boston Marathon bombings and a visit to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

“I, like so many other Americans, felt helpless during the recent attacks in Boston and wanted so much to reach out and not only help those people affected in a direct way but to lift their spirits as well and let them know they were not alone; that the entire American community felt a close kinship with them,” shared Diamond. “I was inspired to devote myself to the creation of a new song which expressed my love for this country and its two greatest assets: the spirit of its people and the freedoms it has afforded us all by law.”

Military outreach is a top priority for the Nationals, who partner with various military groups throughout the baseball season to create special opportunities that highlight the indelible spirit of our nation’s military forces. For this reason, the exclusive performance will take place during the Nationals In-Game Military Salute, a team tradition that occurs every home game.

“Freedom Song (They’ll Never Take Us Down)” will be released on July 2, with 100% of the purchase price equally benefiting One Fund Boston and the Wounded Warrior Project. The new and original song will be released on Columbia Records and available on iTunes ( and Amazon MP3.

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  • saf

    Please, no.

    I am sick to death of the shove-it-down-your-throat variety of patriotism practiced at Nats game, and indeed, in far too many venues, these days.

    Please make it stop.

    • Don’t be a wet blanket Saf

      • saf

        Not a wet blanket, simply wishing to go to the ball game for a ball game, not endless rounds of whiny country songs about American exceptionalism, constant military worship, and endless focus on “patriotism” as defined by pop culture.

        Also sick of the explosive growth of the “ceremonial first pitch,” the “play ball kid,” and the fact the we now have cheerleaders in baseball.

        Can’t we let a ball game be a ball game rather than an “entertainment experience?”

        And while I”m at it, there is no need to stand and remove your hats for the annoying performance of “God Bless America.” It is NOT the national anthem folks!

  • This is fine with me, as long as he doesn’t perform “Sweet Caroline.” That song makes my skin crawl and I rejoiced the day they stopped playing it at Nationals Park.

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