“Natural Market” Coming to 2400 14th St, NW Applies for Liquor License

2400 14th St, NW looking south towards Florida Ave

Thanks to all who sent emails. We’ve been eagerly anticipating the arrival of the “Natural Market” coming to the new Capitol View on 14th building. They’ve applied for a liquor license which says:

“New grocery store with organic and locally grown produce, meats, nutritious foods, and eco household products. Their food court will serve as a bakery, deli and sushi bar. 25% or less Alcohol Sales.”

Hours will be Sunday through Saturday 8:00 am – 10:00 pm. More info as it becomes available.

14th and Belmont St, NW looking north toward Columbia Heights

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  • Awesome! Eat it, Ellwood Thompson.

  • I love small markets that offer local and healthy goods. But we will now have three within two blocks? With Yes! and Smucker Farms, I wonder how this will do. Or maybe it’s a great thing: last night I waited in a very long line at Yes! at 9:00 PM. The line took at least twelve minutes. Overpopulation over here.

    • It does seem like a bit of saturation – I don’t ever go to Smucker Farms (seems a little too niche for my general needs), but I wonder how this will compare to Yes! And isn’t a Trader Joe’s supposed to go in at the Louis on 14th?

  • This is great news for the community, but has anyone heard if a small grocery store is going into the Progression Place building in Shaw? We need something like this over there…

  • bustyredhead

    Any markets are good. DC has too few.

  • I am glad to have this coming very closer than Yes. But I do feel a little bad for Yes, as this will definitely take away some of my business from them (although I only buy from there ~2x/month). It’s nice to have options – especially since I stopped into Yes the other day and they did not have 2/3 produce items I needed. Plus it will be great to have a closer wine/beer stop!

    I wonder how both will survive with Trader Joe’s. But us lazy folks will certainly not mind a very close option when we need to grab quick things.

    There were some people down by Point Chaud on 14th this weekend giving out samples of liquid nitrogen ice cream – they said that they are opening a cafe in that building as well – with ice cream, paninis and coffee.

    • Competition is always good. Forces everyone to step up their game. If Yes or this new place don’t offer exceptional service and prices, then sure they mihgt fail. Lets hope not and hope they all step up their game to win over us, the customers, who will be the real winners with all these options. Options are a tuly great thing and we have gone too long with too few.

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