M&S Grill “Closed For Remodel” at 13th and F St, NW

13th and F Street, NW

A note posted on the door of M&S Grill at 600 13th Street, NW says the restaurant has been closed for a remodel. However on Friday Washington Business Journal noted that the DC M&S Grill location has been removed from the McCormick and Schmicks website. More info on plans for the space when they become available.  Were there any fans of M&S Grill?


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  • M&S had a decent happy hour bar menu, but the steak and seafood on the main menu could be had better elsewhere. Don’t think they can compete with Joe’s Stone Crab or Tadich’s Grill.

  • I’m more into the S&M grills myself.

  • I’m confused, is M&S Grill the same as McCormick and Schmicks or a different concept?

    • M&S Grill was a down-market concept from M & S. I take it that it didn’t do too well at this location.

  • Bet this has something to do with The Hamilton coming in and pulling patrons. Doesn’t mean M&S Grille (or whatever it is going to be) can’t compete, but I suspected it needed an update to keep up with The Hamilton.

  • Ate there a couple of times years ago, very unforgettably forgettable.

  • I was a fan.. .good happy hour deals before Caps and Wiz games

  • worst. restaurant. evah.

  • This was a reasonable spot to go for lunch or a pre-theatre dinner for many years. At its peak, the ambience was pleasant, and the food, if not stellar, was reasonably good. The last time we ate there, in late 2011, the food quality was dreadful for the prices being charged, and we never returned. Our most recent visit to a McCormick & Schmick (the one on K Street) in 2011 or 2012 also featured subpar food.

  • Used to be a happening hotspot for happy hour, with most notably, half price burgers. Just got tired and stale. Like Legal, M&S started out as a decent chain option, but went down hill very fast.

  • I hope they remodel their customer service too.

  • lindz0722

    I work next door and we never went there. Agree on the good happy hour, but the non-discounted drinks basically negated the food specials. Chef Geoff’s is in the same price range, but with better food, across the street; I agree that The Hamilton probably took away some customers, too.

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