MPD: MBT Security Approach and Proactive Response to Last Night’s Assault


From MPD:

Fifth Police District Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Department are aggressively investigating the aggravated assault of an adult male that occurred along the Bike Trail, 300 R St NE within Patrol Service Area 502.

On June 11, 2013 at approximately 5:35 PM, Fifth District Patrol Officers responded to the Metropolitan Branch Trail just east of the 300 block of R Street NE for the report of an aggravated assault. On the scene, they met with the complainant, who advised that he was biking along the path when he was struck multiple times by a male suspect, who then fled southbound on the trail with a large group of juvenile subjects. Nothing was requested or taken from our complainant and we do not believe that Robbery was a motive.

Fifth Police District Detectives are relentlessly following up on all leads and evidence in this unprovoked attack and ask that anyone who believes they know the identity of the male suspect involved or members of the group of young people he was with to contact the Metropolitan Police Department on 202-727-9099 immediately.

Based upon this offense, we have received a number of questions concerning the MBT. Allow us to address your concerns here.

1) MPD has continuously patrolled the MBT on foot, mountain bike and on Segway’s.

2) The majority of folks who utilize the MBT have felt comfortable on the Trail and in/around the neighborhoods leading to the Trail and we encourage users to continue to use it. It is safe.

3) This was an unprovoked assault by a lone individual and not a pattern connected to other criminal offenses that were reported to MPD

4) We are committed to exploring every investigative lead in bring this offender(s) to justice

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  • There are just so many violent kids in dc how will MPD ever stop it ?

    • no one will ever stop crime.
      but things, in general, have gotten better.

    • stop and frisk worked in NYC

      • Has it? Really?

        • here are some facts straight from the FBI for 2011 crime comparing NYC to DC. Not sure if stop and frisk and more aggressive policing is related but lets get real and ask ourselves why is our violent crime 2x higher, murder almost 3x higher, forcible rape 2x higher, robbery +3x higher, property crime 2.5x higher, burglary almost 3x higher, theft, 2x higher, and car theft almost 7x higher? The big question is WHY?

    • “Can’t you people take the law into your own hands? I mean, we can’t be “policing” the entire city.”

      -Chief Wiggum

  • This is why we need Tommy Wells for Mayor. He has identified juvenile crime as one of his priorities. Gray, Bowser, and Evans have been silent on this.

    • Absolutely – I believe that he will address this head on and not just from a “lock em all up” perspective. He’ll do it openly and constructively to best address the root causes.

      • You two both suck. Shut up with the political pandering.


      • Tommy Wells also introduced a bill that would legally permit apartment owners to prohibit tenants from acquiring street parking permits. He lost my vote.

  • Note that robbery was not a motive.

    What was the motive – it was a hate crime.

    There is a lot of talk in the AA community about “The Plan”, and gentrification. I have heard AAs saying ridiculous things, like “White folks are filling in their basements, so black folks won’t have a place to live.” (Huhh??) Even robberies have taken on a level of violence far above what is necessary to rob.

    I don’t know the solution, but maybe AA leaders could come out and say that white people are buying houses in DC because they want to live there, and it is not a conspiracy to force AAs out of the city.

    • theres only one AA community? news to me.

      • My membership card must’ve gotten lost in the mail!

      • No, not every AA thinks the same. However, there is a meme out there that seems to be widely believed and has a lot of power to make people very angry. It is not helpful.

        • Where do i take this course on how all African Americans think? As an African American I would love to know exactly how I think.

    • Scrillin

      Ride the 52, 53, or 54 outside of Rush Hour (and even sometimes then) and you’ll see/hear the racial intimidation firsthand.

      • Do tell. Have done it many, many times w/o issue.

        • Scrillin

          I guess muggings don’t exist, then, since I haven’t been mugged, right?

          • The only comment I’ve gotten on the 14th st. buses in the 3.5 years I’ve ridden them was an old black guy saying, “Hey, I saw you on here on Tuesday didn’t I?”
            “No sir, wasn’t me, sorry.”
            “Well y’all look the same!”

            Cracked me up.

            Oh, and overheard a drunk dude tell a woman she was as hot as Sarah Palin.

    • Dealing with irrational people can be extremely difficult.

    • I personally would rather wait to find out what the real motive was if they catch the little s**ts. It may have been a gang initiation or just a general (if lame) desire to prove “manhood” (assume it was males) or just passing time – just jump some random person at X spot and make sure no one sees.

      • Young urban males doing dumb crap can be linked 90% of the time to showboating for their friends or for the sake of getting a female’s attention. Most of these junior felons are not in “gangs”, as we think of them from the gang epidemics of the 80s and early 90s. They are mostly just dumb kids with too much time on their hands and too little understanding of the consequences for their actions. Most of this dumb stuff is done to prove “manliness” or get “respect”. So stupid and idiotic.

    • First of all, +1 on Anon 3:02 pointing out that there is no single “AA community”; there is a diversity of viewpoints and life circumstances among black Washingtonians just as there is among whites and every other racial or ethnic group. Second, no doubt some rumors snowball and take on a life of their own like that old children’s “telephone” game, and maybe start to edge into paranoia, but for the roots of those sentiments, you need look no further than the average PoP discussion thread whenever crime, affordable housing, public housing, “old” residents, etc. come up. I’ve lost track of how many comments I’ve seen to the effect of: they should bulldoze that public housing; evict those people; who cares where they go; whew, at least in a few years X neighborhood should be fully gentrified and we won’t have these problems anymore. And we wonder why some blacks get the idea that white people want them gone? Add to that the fact that a “plan” might not seem all that farfetched to African Americans who are old enough to remember the days when there WAS, in fact, a plan–or rather, a number of plans, in the form of restrictive covenants, redlining, urban renewal, all of which were, at one time, explicitly designed to clear out and demolish black neighborhoods, steer black residents into certain neighborhoods, or keep blacks out of certain neighborhoods.

      Obviously, this in no way justifies crime and violence. But I think there’s a big difference between a few kids who are acting out violently in order to impress each other (or maybe just because they have serious issues with anger) and a much larger group of people who are perfectly law-abiding but nonetheless frustrated with some of the changes they’ve seen in the city–or more to the point, how they are not valued and considered a part of those changes (because many of those changes have positive aspects), but rather stereotyped and scapegoated and sh*t on in blogs on an almost daily basis.

  • I’m not usually that guy but isn’t “proactive response” an oxymoron?

    And I’m not saying that MPD’s entire statement is BS, but items 1, 2 & 4 are blatant lies

    • I’m not sure about “continuously patrolled” b/c…well, no it’s not really. Maybe they’re including being parked underneath the Franklin St. bridge or resting in groups on the benches at the Big Lots and T St. entrances as “continuously patrolled”? Maybe there are a bunch of undercover officers that I don’t notice? So #1 is sorta true, sorta not.
      As for #2, I’d say that’s probably true. I think the majority of users aren’t afraid of the trail, especially now w/ the longer daylight hours. It’s a little different in the winter when there are far fewer users and even less light.
      I’ll take them at their word on #4.

  • I call BS on #2. The “majority” of people who use the trail feel comfortable? What, did they conduct a randomized survey? Why do the majority of people feel safe? Is it because of a noticeable MPD presence? Or because an assault like this hasn’t happened to everyone that rides the trail (yet)? Even if true, am I supposed to feel safe because everyone else does? Come on. Someone is put in the hospital and MPD tells me not to worry because the “majority feel comfortable.” Save me your patronizing comments, MPD, and step up your game.

    • Scrillin

      In that case, I’d say the majority of people in DC are fed up with MPD’s lack of giving a shizz.

      I appreciate that their focus is on the murders in the east side of the city, but I would also appreciate it if they cared about stopping violent non-murder crime every once in a while as well.

      Or maybe they figure that NW and SW can just fend for themselves.

    • #3 is no longer claimed. The latest report says it was up to 12 attackers. Showing off how tough they are when they have a 12 to 1 advantage.

  • Said it before, and I will say it again – you could not pay me enough to step foot (or bike) on this trail. I don’t care how cool it is, or where it will take you. You are a sitting duck on this trail, make no mistake.

    • Yep, best you hide in Reston. Arm yourself and find a cul de sac.

      • I live in NE DC. Thanks tho! Have fun being the next victim on the trail of tears.

        • I’d rather take my chances of a random, once in a while assault on the MBT than with the near constant harassment, intimidation and general obliviousness by drivers on the road.

  • Are there any cameras on the trail?

    • I believe there are 3, that have never really done any good.

      The MPD said today that they would not be installing more and that they feel the trail is safe.

      • i think they also said that the trail is DDOT’s responsibility… not entirely sure what that means.

  • Try using one of thse as a devensive weapon:

    It’s a lock that folds up like a jacob’s ladder into a brick the size of a 1990’s-era cell phone, but extends into a 3 ft. long whip made of case-hardened steel links. They’re expensive, but it’s a nice impromptu defensive weapon to have handy if I ever get accosted by ‘utes’ on the MBT trail.

    • And you’re really going to be able to determine that someone’s about to go for you, grab the thing, and whack them with it in the 10 or so seconds between when you see them and when you pass them?

  • DC CapHill

    Who said anything about waiting to determine if they were about to agg-assault you in broad daylight? I think we’ve approached the point in the Summer in DC where we can flip a coin and it’s 50/50 these days, you are about to get jacked up.

    Just tell the lazy ass Cops you were being “proactive” on their behalf, since they can’t see to fit to do the job they are being paid for.

    Can anyone seriously inform me of a time that an “undercover” or “plain clothes” officer has apprehended ANYONE during the commission of a crime such as this? I’ve never seen that edition of ‘Props to the Cops’, on here.

    • Thats the beauty of claiming to have a team of “under cover cops” …. Sure MPD/Metro…they’re everywhere… riiiiiight.

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