MOVA Launching Absinthe Focused Speakeasy – La Fée Verte – July 1st

2204 14th Street, NW

From a press release:

When battling the DC crowds, one might think there is something to the idea of exclusivity. There is also something to the idea of experience. Couple these and add a rooftop locale, signature décor including live grass walls, a very special menu of food and Absenthe cocktails and you have La Fée Verte—a private contemporary speakeasy style club within a club.

Located atop MOVA on 14th Street, guests wishing to experience La Fée Verte will have a private text number through which they can reserve the space at seatings either 8-10 pm, 10 pm-midnight or midnight -2 am every Wednesday through Saturday. Once on the very limited guest list, patrons will enter La Fée Verte by ascending through the curtained stairs of MOVA, where they will be transported to an emerald embodied world of live green grass walls; a forest of leafy plants, stylish cushy furniture, signature glass and serviceware and personal service.

La Fée Verte will offer an Absenthe cocktail based menu from which guests may make their selection of avariety of libations showcasing 6-8 different Absenthes in varying flavor profiles. A savory farm to table snack menu created by Chef Jerry Hollinger of The Daily Dish will be offered for those wishing to pair their cocktail with the appropriate small dish.

Reservations will be taken beginning July 1. It’s all enough to make anyone not in attendance green with envy.

La Fée Verte is located n the rooftop at MOVA.

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  • I love the idea of an absinthe bar. I detest the idea of exclusivity.

    • +1000000. I’d prefer a hole in the wall that knows how to pour the stuff over snooty bar slinging absinthe martinis

  • Sounds cool for as long as it lasts

    why do they all seem to want the secret phone number here? its like as soon as that gets out its no longer a speakeasy lol

    best modern day speakeasy ive been to recently was in philly… Something laundramat or something in chinatown
    you are essentially evaluated prior to entry by “Mr. Lee” & with his approval and available seating are granted access

    • Having to be “approved” before entering a place makes me nauseous.
      I’m clearly not their clientele though, so ill see the rest of you at, as one popville commentor termed theme, the “poverty bars”.

  • justinbc

    Considering it’s their feature spirit of choice you would think they would at least spell Absinthe properly.

    Harold Black showcased exactly how poorly the “private number” concept works. I think it lasted all of two weeks, tops. Everyone wants to share everything now, I wish places would drop the exclusivity charade.

  • How is this different from being reservations-only? The “exclusivity” angle seems somehow offensive and like it will be attracting a clientele (and staff) I wouldn’t want to be there with, while taking reservations just makes it seem like an attractive option because I know we’ll get a table and won’t have to have alist of potential backup places if it’s too crowded.

  • As Mova rarely has customers anyway, I wouldn’t be too worried about the exclusivity.

  • Hey DC welcome to LA circa 1990..I’ll stick with my local pub hold the pretense..

    • LOl…having lived in LA for 10+ years I’d have to disagree with that completely. LA has about two blocks of fun places. The rest is just boring strip malls.

  • so are they replacing the rooftop bar at mova — arguably the only reason to go there other than an LGBT fundraiser because there is *always* space available — with this absinthe bar? or are they installing it in a new space up front?

    i’m doubtful that this concept will work. i’ve never been back to the gibson after the host had us wait for a few minutes as he checked to see if there was a free table at 10pm on a tuesday. the place was empty except for one other couple.

    agree with the others — drop the pretense and create an enjoyable space that people can wander into on a whim.

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