Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – U Street

2250 11th Street Northwest

This rental is located at 2250 11th Street, Northwest:

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The listing says:

“One of a kind fantastic modern building! High ceilings and huge windows for tons of light. Custom kitchen cabinetry and upgraded bathroom tile. Hardwood flooring. Washer Dryer in the unit. Closet organization systems. It’s a very cool, very special condo and the building is an award winning design. Secure building access and a killer location just off of the U street corridor. Don’t miss it!”

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $2,495/Mo.

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  • justinbc

    I love Bertazzoni stoves (buying a Heritage one for my current remodel), so that’s a plus in a stylish kitchen. Not sure why they would list the custom closet organization system without any pictures though.

  • Is that huge black thing a TV screen?

    • Those appear to be window shades

      i believe this is one of the units that are halfway underground

  • is that a basement unit?

  • there is nothing worse than new construction that has exposed duct work. just awful.

    • not really. its just that you don’t happen to like it.

      • No, I agree.

        Exposed ductwork just screams “I am gonna save tons of money by not concealing any of the ductwork, but I will call it a trendy loft and people will actually pay me more for it.

        To me it is as ridiculous buying a car without any side or rear panels, or a hood so you could see all the mechanics of the car as you drove down the road.

        • And I disagree – I think exposed ducts look great in a loft-type space. To each their own, I guess.

        • Kind of like taking off the doors of a jeep wrangler…

        • it was also trendy to hide vents behind drywall, despite additional costs and materials and call it “finished”. you’re just more used to it. it’s just a different approach, some like it, some don’t. neither are more correct or awful.

        • The amount of money saved by not drywalling over ducts is a pittance relative to the cost of building these condos. So, definitely not a financially-driven decision.

        • No, exposed duct work screams “unfinished,” which is a type of architectural style favored by many, many people. Not everyone’s cup-o-tea perhaps, but to say it’s anything but style is false.

        • To me it screams, “I’m practical and not going to waste a ton of money on materials to cover something that doesn’t need to be covered”. Same with people who drywall over their basement ceilings, ensuring that any repair to any services is going to an expensive cosmetic nightmare.

          I’m all about utility in a home. Cosmetic coverups are for the birds.

  • Whoever rents this place better have renters insurance, and specifically indicate that you want “water back-up” added to your policy for a premium. Back-up flooding is not covered by the typical renter’s insurance policy.

    That disgusting photo a few posts down of the storm drains backing up is right outside this building.

  • Hmm, not sure about the phrase “killer location.”

  • sweet basement brah!

  • It’s just below ground level. aka a basement. For $2,495 and I’m sure that doesn’t include utilities. Bedroom looks pretty tiny too.

    I don’t see how this is a good deal. With that much per month you can do much better.

    • I pay about this and live in a nice one bedroom in Dupont (two blocks from the Metro). Even have outdoor space. And I’m on the 2nd floor. My kitchen and bathroom are newish (not as new as this place admittedly) and utilities are included and I pay about this. I can’t imagine paying that much for a basement unit. Even if it were in Dupont.

  • I like the way this building looks, but I hate the way it looks next to Florida Avenue Grill. Somehow it diminishes the appealing features of both buildings.

  • figby

    This is very stylish in the way some people like. But it feels like a lot to spend living in exposed, boxy rooms, half underground?

  • Every time I think about moving to a cheaper place, I see a listing like this and realize I’ll never find another deal in this city as good as the one I have now. No way in hell would I ever pay that much to live in a hole in the ground – even one that has a fancy kitchen and bathroom.

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