Menu Posted for DIVA Coming to Adams Morgan

2406 18th Street, NW

Back in May we noted the former Sutra/Viet Thai spaces in Adams Morgan were becoming NYNY DIVA or NY Diva NY. Now it looks like their simplifying to just DIVA. Check out their menu after the jump.



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  • For all I know the food will be great, but I’ll probably never go there. It’s a shame so many businesses don’t realize the importance of proper branding.

  • Another restaurant that will be gone in 18 months, if that.

  • Yea, not impressed at all.

  • brookland_rez

    I agree, looks pretty uninspiring to me. And that menu is tiny.

  • The type on that sign makes me cringe. I’m always astounded at how much money it takes to open a restaurant but people still refuse to hire professionals to do a good job with how their place looks. And even if I weren’t a typographer, I think that the sign says a lot about the place to the general public and this one says: we have no taste.

  • Like many other places in Adams Morgan, it’s not about the menu or dining room or brand. It is all about getting that liquor license by pretending to be a restaurant. This place will in fact operate as a nightclub and hookah bar

  • After eating and doing hookah at Diva I can honestly say that the food is magnificent, the staff is almost perfect to a fault, and the atmosphere…amazing. I am not overstating in the slightest. I have been to many poorly run and grimy hookah bars, I would recommend Diva to anyone.

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