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  • justinbc

    Nice to see mine on the list! Time to check out the comps 🙂

  • 1531 Gales St NE (Rosedale) went for more than 3/4 million. Holy smokes.

    • I thought the exact same thing. It was a beautiful, complete redesign/reno, but that’s crazy high.

      • justinbc

        I flagged that one to watch as well, just because the renovation was so unique. 520K “profit” over what they paid in about a year and a half time, not too shabby.

      • “beautiful, complete redesign/reno”

        True. But it has an electrical box in the LIVING ROOM. 3/4 mil for a house with an electrical box in the living room, on a street abutting the Pentacle Apartments. I live very near this house, and I don’t understand how this makes sense.

  • wow. $550K for the average price of a 2 bedroom. Guess I’m not moving anytime soon. I wouldn’t even be able to afford my place now.

    I’m kicking myself for not just buying a house 3.5 years ago (in a neighborhood) like H St with the money I spent on my 2 bedroom condo.

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