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  • Booooo! Not what we want on H. M&E is just terrible.

  • Great! I live on H Street but used to live in Georgetown and ordered from the M&O location there. Is it gourmet? Of course not, but certainly not the worst chain pizza – that would be Ledo’s or Domino’s IMHO. And I would not judge M&O on the Georgia (?) Ave location – I think we can deduce from previous M&O postings that it’s a “rotten apple” location.

  • Can I pick up a “used” iPad there?

  • Manny & Olga’s (I think on 14th St?) still stands as the single worst delivery pizza experience I have ever had in my life. Good luck to any who try this new one, hope it is better.

  • Noooooooooooo. Porque??????????????

  • The quality of their pizza seems to vary wildly, depending on the location. I’ve ordered from the Georgetown Manny & Olga’s many times, and it’s always very tasty.

  • ledroittiger

    I hate this place. That said, there are now other pizza options available on H St., so just don’t honor them with your business. Guess enough people like them/simply think of pizza as an end to a means rather than an experience, because they are everywhere in this city now…

  • Will they be selling stolen phones at this location or is that just at the one in Park View on GA avenue?

  • Hopefully the “competition” puts the fear of God and reduced profits into H&Pizza’s higher-ups; and inspire a solution to the ridiculously long lines patrons endure when the place is even just a little bit busy– and that’s often.

    • justinbc

      This really isn’t competition for H&Pizza anymore than something like McDonald’s is for a place like Black & Orange.

      • Agreed, M&O is on New Citi Pizza level not H & Pizza. It’s not great pizza, but its better than another empty storefront on H ST.

        Speaking of pizza….any update on when Red Rocks is supposed to open?

  • I always assumed the one on 14th street was a front for something else. Ordered from there once and never will again. I could go out to the dumpster behind my apartment and start chewing on some cardboard boxes that would taste better.

  • Stay classy, H Street.

  • andy

    I want to see more chain restaurant opening posts!!! They bring out the ANGER!!!

  • Tried it last week. Absolutely horrible. You want cheap pizza, stick with Citi Pizza.

    • ???
      What’s up with all the hate? Both storefronts on Georgia Ave and this new one on H were vacant and rundown for years. Now they are clean in good shape up and running providing jobs and taxe dollars to the city. Did anyone ever get M & O’s side of the phone story? Why are all the good reviews on yelp filtered and only the bad ones shown are those even true? Hmmm?

      • So would you be Manny? Or Olga?

      • justinbc

        I’m personal friends with at least half a dozen of the negative reviewers, I can assure you that their sentiments are true. If M&O increases their advertising budget with Yelp I’m sure they could get the positive reviews removed from the filter.

        • Justin.
          And which pizza place do you own???

          • justinbc

            Even if I did (which I most certainly do not), I’m not sure how that would be relevant. It’s pretty clear that one of the M&O owners is now trolling this posting. Perhaps the overwhelming lack of enthusiasm about your product should inspire you to spend less time on the internet and more time in your kitchen.

        • Sorry to dissapiont you but I’m not the owner. Just don’t where all the hate is coming from . Looks like you have a vendetta against M & O. I’ve been to a couple of their spots and you are in and out in 10 minutes. Its normal pizza place food. they are not a sit down restuarant . I don’t see what you are spewing. I’m out

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