Manhole Cover Explodes Under Car in Ledroit Park

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Dear PoPville,

A manhole exploded Sunday morning around 10am at 5th and Florida in the same exact instant that a car was driving over it – with the effect of catapulting the car up and forward. The car eventually crashed in the light pole at the north west corner of the intersection. I was returning from the gym so did not see the conditions of the driver but my neighbor reports it did not look good.

The corner was closed for a bit until they took the driver away in ambulance and removed the car… Not a good adventure! I remember these events were common a few years ago but I thought Pepco fixed it at the time! Very scary!

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  • What kind of damages can one get for this? Expenses + $1m for pain and suffering? That sounds like a helluva way to go.

  • Did you get a good workout in?

  • This is not true. I live within viewing distance of the accident. The manhole cover did not explode. It simply dislodged (cover was on its side with about half in the hole and half outside) a few minutes before the crash. Many drivers managed to avoid hitting it before the accident; however, I believe one driver hit it before this accident and blew a tire.

  • I’m not sure I understand how coming home from the gym precluded you from helping the driver in what you described as a serious accident? I know I shouldn’t be amazed at people’s unwillingness to help strangers, but I still am…

    • Other than call 911, what do you expect a non-trained non-professional to do? Isn’t it common practice not to touch a victim in these circumstance for fear of exacerbating an injury?

    • What exactly could the OP (or other bystanders) do other than call 911 for an ambulance?
      For what it’s worth, the one time I witnessed an accident — a pedestrian being hit by a taxi near Woodley Park Metro — I immediately called 911 and found that other people had already reported the incident. And the people closest to where it happened went into the street to help the pedestrian. So although there are cases of “bystander effect” in which no one does anything, there are also incidents in which evetyone responds appropriately.

    • Ok class, let’s look at the context clue from the reading. Our OP said he was returning from the gym and was too late to see the condition of the driver. What can we infer:
      a) op is simply relaying what happened from a neighbor who saw as they were not present to do anything
      b) op caused this to happen, then went and kicked the victim for good measure

      • As a matter of fact when I arrived the ambulance was already there, treating the victim. So I saw the car, but not the driver. The neighbor that was over there saw the driver and reported to me his conditions.

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