Lyman’s Tavern Still Coming to former Laundromat next to Red Derby?

3720 14th Street, NW June 2013

I’ve been getting this question pretty regularly (most recently on twitter @PoPville) ever since we learned about it back in Oct. 2012:

“Tavern serving bar food with a seating capacity of 70. Occupancy load of 70. Requesting a summer garden with a seating capacity of 20 and entertainment endorsement featuring live music.”

Last month New Columbia Heights reported an ANC Rep heard the owners were shooting for a July opening date. Based on the photo above taken last weekend and word from a reader who peeked in the window, well, I’d guess the likelihood of them opening in July is, uh, let’s say not very likely. Unless they meant July 2014. Anyway, I’m just glad it’s apparently still happening. Though I’ll feel a little more confident when renovations actually start. Stay tuned.

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  • Someone reported that someone heard? Hearsay is inadmissable, and for good reason. Wouldn’t the Derby benefit from a little healthy competition?

  • Open, open, open….. Looking forward to new bars/restaurants on this strip. What are the chances that the ‘Rib Pit Lounge’ will ever get another breath of life. Such a great name for a lounge – I’ve always seen it as the precursor to ‘Ben’s Next Door’

  • I’m really looking forward to this place opening. The Red Derby is pretty disappointing these days.

    • Agreed. I don’t know what happened to the Derby, but the influx of “bros” is nearly unbearable. It used to be a meeting place for the few eccentric types in this city.

  • I live around the corner and have talked with the owner of Lyman’s a couple of times. In May, they were still planning to open by July, if they could get all the permits. Yesterday, they were cleaning out a lot of junk from inside, so hopefully that means they are about to start the renovations.

  • andy

    Please, how about a place where my unhipsterdom and parenthood are not looked upon with disgust by beardy fixed-gearheads with calf tattoos, prescription Raybans, tight plaid, PBR cans and self-ripped jorts. This is just around the corner from my house.

    • You should love the new Derby then.

      • andy

        I thought the new Red Derby is all about the “bros.” I am not one of the bros. Just kind of a nerdy thirty-something fed and parent.

        Eccentric is fine, if the people were really eccentric and not just Wonderland-style carbon copies of each other.

        I’m from a weird West Coast hippie enclave, so I’ve seen my share of eccentric. More kinetic sculpture, less fedoras and is-it-ironic-or-not facial hair.

    • saf

      So, why does your parental status matter at a bar?

      Unless you are planning to bring the kid to the bar? But that’s a different question.

      I’m a 40+ nerd, and have never felt unwelcome at the Derby.

      Well, except for that one day that was apparently “bring your infants and toddlers to happy hour” day. It was full of screaming free-range very small children, and that is not my scene.

    • maybe it’s the way you judge others that causes the look of disgust.

  • Too funny…
    You people love to build these places up just so you can tear them down later.The Red derby seems busier to me but i guess since i’ve been going since they opened i like the staff and the owners.I think they still have a local feel.Now weekends like any place can be too much but hey that’s the price of doing business.

    If mad momos with twice the price point disappointing food/service and decor that looks like a modern day fern bar is for you then by all means stay there.But how long before you start tearing them down?

    • Who said anything about tearing down Red Derby? Seems like they are still doing well from the accounts above. Several folks just don’t like the crowds there now, which is perfectly acceptable – just move on or deal with it.

  • I don’t really care if Lyman’s attracts hipsters or bros, as a homeowner a few blocks away, I just want to see continued progress made on transforming the few blocks north and south of spring and 14th. Mad Momo’s is great, so is the Derby. Condo’s in the now empty lot formerly occupied by C&K would further provide the push needed to get some other restaurants/bars to move in. Hoping the sale of Carolina’s helps…. lots of potential.

    • Same boat as you and couldn’t agree more. Bros and douches welcome if it reduces my chances of getting shot in the face. Reducing the number of drunk walrus-men I have to stumble over while walking down the street a bonus.

  • We are on our way! Thanks!

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