Lots of Cops on Tonight’s Metro Commute: “a joint show-of-force security effort” Exercise

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“Metro riders may notice an increased police presence at selected stations during the Friday evening commute, as Metro Transit Police, together with other agencies in the Washington Metropolitan area, take part in Blue TIDE, a joint show-of-force security effort aimed at increasing partnership among law-enforcement agencies and deterring crime and potential terrorist activity.

Blue TIDE (Terrorism Identification and Deterrence Effort) is a high-visibility initiative of the Metro Transit Police with a primary goal of deterring terrorist activity in the Metro system. Blue TIDE will include a number of security sweeps at Metrorail stations, with officers spreading out throughout the stations and boarding trains to check for suspicious activity. The effort also serves to raise awareness and remind the public to remain observant while riding Metro and to report any suspicious behavior to the Metro Transit Police.

More than 50 officers from multiple agencies will participate in the effort, providing a visible reminder to riders and the public that Metro remains vigilant against terrorist activity and works to ensure their safe and secure travel. Officers also will distribute crime prevention information at the stations, providing tips to riders on how to protect themselves and their property while traveling.

Tomorrow’s Blue TIDE effort is not in response to any specific or credible threat to the system.

Metro Transit Police reminds riders:

Remain aware of your surroundings at all times.
Report any suspicious behavior, unusual activity or unattended items to a uniformed Metro employee or call Metro Transit Police at 202-962-2121. If you see something, say something.”

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  • Not sure if announcing the operation is a good thing or a pointless move. Basically announcing it makes it nothing more than security theater. Telling people about the larger presence in effect tonight will make it more obvious that there will be the standard amount of officers on the metro tomorrow after the operation is completed. “Look how strong we can appear!” (After a consorted effort of multiple agencies coming together in a show of force. No, security levels won’t always be this high but for tonight, you betcha!)

    • In this town, 90% of security is theatrics, and you should count yourself lucky if there is a police officer nearby when you actually need one!

  • Silliness. I can understand having heavily armed offices stationed (assigned, not as a “show of force”) at the busiest stations or places with elevated threat. But security theater for the sake of theater doesn’t create security, and isn’t how counter-terrorism works. Having cops from multiple departments frolicking through the system together implies that those departments get along–that they’re coordinating resources and information to prevent terrorism or quickly respond to threats. That’s a dangerous assertion if it’s as untrue as our collective experience with Metro would have us believe. In real emergencies, Metro staff display indifference or incoherent mental flailing. Chief Taborn’s wasting resources on a badge-toting flashmob instead of doing the real work of training woeful WMATA staff, replacing faulty call boxes, and address organizational problems.

    Crying “terrorist wolf” reeks of an effort to distract from MTPD’s limited ability to do anything about everyday security problems that actually threaten people: gross dudes groping women, groups of teens fighting pretty much everywhere, and rampant theft. But, yeah. Blue TIDE.

  • Youths off of school being idiots on the metro now counts as terrorism? I think the definition of the word has officially jumped the shark.

  • Roll TIDE! Is there an imminent threat? If not, please feel free to not do this WMATA. Deterring crime and potential terrorist activity, too rich. Sounds more likely that MPD is short on the June quota for dime bag collection.

  • Thank god. It’s about time they did something to stop all the terrorism on Metro.

    Also, aren’t all tides blue?

  • But I can still terrorize people in Petworth and on the bike trail, right?

  • I remember growing up in Towson and seeing movies at the old Security Theater, on Security Boulevard! What a great old theater that was!

  • how about dealing with all the crazy teens first? that’d be nice.

    • That would pretty much involve the Council growing a spine and revoking the Get Out of Jail Free Card for everyone under 18. It’s all there, page 87 of “The Newcomer’s Guide to ‘The Plan'”.

  • oh this is just shameful, I can’t handle seeing these segways! Such utter laziness!!

    • i love seeing cops on segways. you call it laziness, i call it a smart use of tools for cops.

      1. they can go fast.
      2. they can hold useful cops stuff
      3. they can see above crowds
      4. better than a patrol car.

    • I know! And what’s with all the people in cars? Did they forget how to walk? SO LAZY…..!

    • No one – and I mean NO ONE – looks cool on a segway.

  • This seems to be the sequel to the nonsense that went on a week-ago Friday (…at least I think it was last Friday) — About 20 officers stationed inside Georgia Ave-Petworth hassling the few commuters that just happened to be *entering* the station for the evening commute.

    I suppose WMATA and the DC police figured that if they’d actually tried something similar where large numbers of commuters where entering to head home…you know, like Farragut North…they’d have had a riot on their hands. So much for show a show of force and deterrence.

    “Security Theater” indeed!

  • I’m all for winning the war on terrorism, but really – isn’t regular everyday crime a big enough issue for Metro police to roll out the Blue TIDE? Petty theft and brawls have far outnumbered Al Queda attacks, in recent months anyhow.

  • It’s hard to report suspicious behavior on Metro if the intercoms on the trains don’t work.

  • When I want to see a show, I go to the theater.

    And I do not take Metro.

    This is an embarrasment of stupidity.

  • This will show ’em!!

  • Most of the time when I see Metro Transit Police, they’re clustered in groups of four and they’re all facing — and chatting with — EACH OTHER. I guess that’s fine if their mere presence is supposed to be a deterrent, but I would much prefer it if in addition to being warm uniform-wearing bodies, they were also alert, moving around, and keeping an eye on what’s going on.

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