Lost Dog (Miniature Pinscher) Spotted in Eckington


Dear PoPville,

Spotted this little guy on my walk to the metro this morning. He growled and ran every time I got too close, so I was unable to secure him. He was in an alley off Eckington Place NE between Q Street NE and Quincy Pl NE. He looks like a miniature pinscher. He has a collar and looks well fed but I couldn’t find his owners. I called Animal Control and they said they’d send someone. I called back to ask if they were able to find the dog and have yet to get an update. Figured it might help to get the word out just in case Animal Control couldn’t help. Thanks!!

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  • There are a couple of min pins in the area there but they mostly have docked tails. This one has a full tail. I think I have seen a guy walking this dog recently in Eckington near North Capitol and Todd Place. The breed is usually skiddish of strangers.

  • Check S Street NW. I think he belongs to one of my old neighbors, in the unit block of S street. He lives on the corner house beside the alley, if you come from 1st street make a right on S the house is on the left on the furthest from S street. Hope he makes it home….The possible owners name is Rene’.

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