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  • iirc, that space, before it was J Chocolatier, was a coffee/tea shop that also served some Japanese bento-style stuff. i only remembered it because they said they would serve okonomiyaki, which is all of impossible to get in this town. i wonder if this is the same outfit.

    the menu looks generic Japanese and i’m suspicious of the ramen offerings.

  • I miss Chez Mama-san. Great home style Japanese food.

  • These are the same people that used to run the old Japanese Steak House up on Wisconsin, south of the social Safeway. It was lovely back in the day. Now it’s (another stupid) bank.

  • Just tried Kintaro last night after seeing this POP post and it was awesome! Totally unique dishes (monkfish liver, yellowtail jaw). Plus delicious ramen with thrice cooked pork, and fresh sushi. I can’t recommend this place enough.

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