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  • I’m inclined to love a sweet shop but omg I hate this place already. Check out their website — it’s all pretty little ladies fondling enormous gummy pythons while wearing platform shoes, and in addition to selling novelty candy like enormous boxes of Nerds, they sell Hello Kitty sleep shorts. Keep those ladies looking sexy! It’s all part of the marketing strategy! (So PS, sexy ladies, maybe ease up on those sweets!)

    Blech. Boycott.

  • Only thing I can think of: Closing in Fall 2013!

  • gotryit

    First PoP slogan contest?

    “You are what you eat. And who wants to be healthy?”

  • “Founded by Jeff Rubin in 2006, this saccharine experience has become one of the largest and fastest growing specialty candy and gift retailers in the world.”

    Somebody doesn’t understand what “saccharine” connotes!

    I love sweets, but trying to market candy as somehow being sexy and transgressive sounds like a FAIL in the making.

  • Looks like a Justice-Fredericks of Hollywood mashup. And this is what we’ve become.

  • i get the play on words here, but when said out loud it just sounds ghetto

    • How do you mean, and what’s the play on words? Isn’t it just “it’s sugar” written with the two words mashed together? How is that “ghetto”?

      • It has only one “s” — “it’sugar” (not “it’ssugar” or “it’s sugar”).

        • Yeah, I got that. An omitted letter and space is not a play on words though – kind of like when people write “tonite”, it’s not a play on words. But mostly I don’t get why it sounds “ghetto” when said out loud. Does “it’s sugar” also sound “ghetto” when said out loud?

  • Is this where one goes for dessert after a meal at the Ladies Steak House?

  • I read an article about these shops in the most recent edition of Fortune magazine. Apparently it is taking off, and meant to market towards the 20-something woman (see pin-up girl on the ad).

  • So, based on the photos in the window, I’m guessing they serve high school cafeteria food?

  • I can already tell this place is going to be the new Urban Outfitters of food for Chinablock. Tons of teens at all hours of the day and MPD officers guarding the sweet stuff. I can’t think of many twenty-somethings gathering here for buckets of candy.

  • Monkeyrotica, where have you been? I didn’t know your PoP card was still valid.

  • The Chinatown kids are going to have a blast with his place. I once saw them all go into the Walgreens and clear out the ice cream section.

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