If You Live Around 6th and L St, NE Lock Your Windows When You Go To Work

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Actually locking your doors and windows is a good idea wherever you live. From MPD:

A pattern of burglaries that have occurred over the last 10-14 days in the area of 6th & L Streets NE. These burglaries have occurred during the day time hours and entry has been gained primarily through unlocked windows in the rear/side of the premises. Home electronics and laptops have been the most common stolen items. The First District has deployed a Mountain Bike Squad to the area during the day, due to their ability to quickly navigate the alleys in the area. Members of the First District Power Shift will be in the area this evening conducting a door-to-door canvass. Please take the time to share with these officers anything that you may have noticed out of the ordinary recently in the neighborhood. While we have not been able to positively link these cases to each other, we are operating under the assumption that are related. The First District Detectives Office has assigned to single detective to manage the investigation and they are coordinating with the Mountain Bike and PSA Officers.

We are also requesting the community assistance in the prevention of these crimes. Please ensure that all entry points, doors and windows, are secured – especially when you leave home. If you would like a First District Officer to conduct a security survey of your home, contact your PSA Lieutenant and we will schedule as assessment.

The First District Detectives Unit can be contacted on (202) 299-2025. Anyone with information can also call the police at (202) 727-9099. Anonymous information may be submitted to the department’s TEXT TIP LINE by text messaging to 50411. Additionally, please call 911 if you observe suspicious persons or activities.

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  • File this under “Common Sense”

    • Depends… Were these ground-level windows? Did they have bars on them? Sometimes when the weather’s nice I’ll have my windows open (unlocked, obviously) but they’re either protected with bars or really high up. I figure if someone’s motivated enough to bend the bars or climb up a high ladder they probably would not stop at breaking the glass.

      But yeah, it’s common sense to lock a window otherwise. I’m guessing the criminals just found one where the person forgot to lock it, or the lock was flimsy or not totally fastened. Or it could be someone without AC who decided to take their chances because it was better than a stiflingly hot house.

  • If you live anywhere, lock your windows.

    • Sometimes I forget my keys but my swipe card gets me into my building. Go out back, climb up the fire escape and get into my apartment.
      Safe? Hell no. If we leave for a day or more, I make sure to lock that window.

  • Does MPD have a Road Bike Squad, too? Wonder why they deployed the Mountain Bike Squad instead.

    Super cool 🙂

  • sounds terribly similar to the break-ins that were occurring in NW over the last month-ish (kicking in small basement windows in daylight hours)

  • Why lock your door and leave your windows unlocked?

  • Hm I live in this neighborhood and this is the first I’m hearing of it. Pretty sure a would-be thief would see/hear my two big dogs and get the heck out of there, though I also don’t leave my windows unlocked during the day.

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