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  • Emmaleigh504

    I’m a fan. I like that the landscaping mirrors the vertical lines.

  • A fan as well, would love to see what the interior looks like. That roof top deck/patio looks great too.

  • Anyone on PoP’ville would kill to have this house in this location. I bet the owners have nearly doubled their investment, in terms of price appreciation.

    The haters are full of crap.

  • justinbc

    I’m a fan as well. A good example of a modern renovation that doesn’t ruin the surrounding aesthetic.

  • Designed by Arcadia Design @

    background: When PN Hoffman developed Union Row, they also purchased 5 lots on V. Four were existing row houses that we renovated and were resold. The 5th was this site which was an empty lot. We designed the new structure and it received unanimous support from the ANC and historic groups. Hoffman eventually sold the lot with the approved permit drawings to another developer who finished the project

    On a side note, the building is slightly taller than originally designed. The top of the parapet (the railing edge just under the pergola) was supposed to align with the cornice of the house to the right. Also, we intended a lighter more contemporary brick color like a light grey which would have blended with the modern bay.

    The Historic Preservation Review Board Staff specifically advised and requested we peruse a modern facade rather then something historic in keeping with the standards of the park service guidelines on new construction in historic districts

  • Is this one house or a condo?

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