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  • Wow, that looks incredibly precarious. Is that a window access? I wonder how somebody would get something like that done now, and if it would even be legal.

  • That terrifies me. I must be a huge weener, but there is no way I could relax atop a surface full of holes. This looks like it was purchased from Ikea as a bookshelf, then someone added a rail. I’m seriously nervous just looking this thing. Nope, nope, nope.

    • justinbc

      Unless your deck / balcony / whatever is made out of a single piece of plywood or poured concrete or something like that it’s going to have holes in it (and even then it will still have holes, just very small). The important thing is making sure they aren’t large enough for people to fall into. This seems to meet that standard.

  • Agree – looks pretty rickety.

  • It more of an eyesore, IMO. That sure is ugly.

  • I live directly across from them and I have never seen anyone outside on it… so, no fear of coffee dripping down on walkers.

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