Hill Country Home Stand Takes Another Step Towards Coming to Navy Yard Near Nats Park

Hill Country Home Stand_navy_yard
101 Tingey Street, SE

Back in May we heard that Hill Country could be popping up in Navy Yard. It’s looking more likely now as they’ve applied for a liquor license:

“Seasonal Outdoor Tavern at Tingey Plaza South East Federal Center serving barbecue food and beverages with Live Entertainment.”

Though officially Hill Country still says:

“No deal has been solidified to move forward with this opportunity. If we do proceed, we do not yet know whether it will happen this year or next season.”

Hill Country also recently kicked off their Backyard Barbecue on the west lawn of the National Building Museum. Anyone check that one out yet?

Rocklands BBQ also has an outdoor bbq area near the ball park and not far from the Hill Country Home Stand’s proposed location (pictured above.)

So, if you had to choose – which bbq do you like better – Rocklands or Hill Country?

Rocklands at 1st and N Streets, SE

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  • Neither is all that special, but Rocklands has a slight edge.

    • +1. Rocklands is across-the-board consistently mediocre, but it’s consistent. Hill Country has a couple good items (sausage), the rest is wildly inconsistent. Also, the clientele is a rich tapestry of tourists, d-bags, and various dildos that make SoChiTo the District’s most vibrant and beloved leper colony.

  • Real BBQ is pork or bust!

  • Rocklands, hand down. Texas BBQ has no place in this neck of the woods. Take the beef and shove it!

    • Hill Country offers pork and chicken at their Building Museum pop-up. Might check your facts before stating your clearly unfounded opinion. Thanks!!!

  • Hill Country, hands down.

  • Hill Country wins out because of their sides.

    I have been to the outdoor spot near the building museum. While live music and being outside is nice, I didn’t enjoy my 16 dollar sausage & shiner can. I think its a little too pricey for my liking.

  • Had the Rockland’s truck last night. The brisket was slightly better than terrible. Chewy, lacking flavor and grey – no smoke ring, nothing tender.

  • The Porch Swing gives Hill Country the edge.

  • justinbc

    Rocklands is average (at best) at everything.

    Hill Country is overpriced, but at least does a few items well.

    Given the two options, I would choose Hill Country if I were starving and needed nourishment.

    (But if I was really craving BBQ and not stuck with two awful options I would just drive to The Pit Stop in Aldie or Big Bad Wolf in Baltimore.)

  • Rocklands

  • No love for Smoke & Barrel in this conversation?

    • Please re-read the post carefully. S&B aren’t opening a pop-up and are therefore irrelevant to this conversation. We already had a “best BBQ” post a week or so back.

  • There is NO comparison, Rocklands is the clear winner – this comment is from someone who has lived in Austin Tx and has eater good barbeque.

  • I have never had Hill Country but from my understanding it is EXTRA regular

  • Hill Country’s brisket is better than anything at Rocklands, but the rest of their food is mediocre and the prices are comical

  • Hill Country by a landslide! Yeah – it’s pricey, but so smokey delicious & they fly the sausage in from Lockhart’s Kreuz Market. I despaired about where to get my Texas BBQ fix before they opened – and Hill Country does the job nicely. As for Rocklands, it’s not good BBQ if it’s just a vehicle for good sauce…

  • Both are terrible. I’d rather by a ticket to Austin and wait in line two hours for Franklin’s than eat at either.

  • Both places suck. If you disagree, you haven’t had real BBQ.

  • Eh Rocklands sux IMO. Hill Country has some great brisket, sometimes. As a previous poster pointed out, they are quite inconsistent. The moist brisket is pretty awesome if you get it at the right time, and not when busy because they keep it out on headlamps and serve it almost cold. Another gem is their smoked turkey. Everything else excluding desserts at HC are very avg. Wish Mr Ps would roll his bus up to Navy Yard and show em both how to BBQ.

  • Rocklands !!!

    P.S. Rocklands- Please open more stores in NW- Logan/Dupont

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