Good Deal or Not? “two skylights” edition


This house is located at 1423 K Street, SE:

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The listing says:

“Charming renovated townhouse in the Capitol Hill area featuring beautiful hardwood floors throughout, Newly renovated kitchen with granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances, Contemporary kitchen cabinets with soft close drawers, two skylights, fenced backyard, freshly painted and in move in condition. Minutes from Metro and Eastern Market. Private parking in rear.”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/1.5 bath is going for $485,000.

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  • Someone really doesn’t know how to take photos.

  • justinbc

    It’s cute, sort of. Seems OK for someone looking to buy an affordable place pretty close to Metro.

  • As someone who grew up in this ‘hood, it’s a bit irksome hearing it called Capitol Hill.

    • I would also not call it Capitol Hill. What would you call it.

      • Good question. I work in that triangular area just south of here and say it’s in the Navy Yard neighborhood.

        • it is considered HillEast. but it’s not far from public housing so whomever gets this “good deal”, better not be complaining about the hooligans at Potomac Gardens and how we should throw everyone out and flatten the place. It is what it is.

          • While I am sympathetic to the notion that someone who moves toward a nuisance should not complain, I am not sure I would apply to that someone who simply asks that the law be enforced, and that felonies not be committed.

            Also, that someone who pays 485k for a 2BR house, is someone going cheap and moving toward a nuisance, really says something about the RE market, does it not?

        • Uh, this is in no way the Navy Yard neighborhood. We just called it ‘Potomac Ave’ growing up.

          Navy Yard is bounded by like South Cap and 8th St SE.

      • I think that’s the “Hill East” neighborhood.

        The house looks nice enough, even for the price. I’m iffy on the neighborhood, though. I’ve gotten a pretty sketchy feel when passing through that little triangle south of Pennsylvania, east of 12th or 13th, and close to the expressway, even in the past couple months. That said, it is very metro accessible and very close to the new Harris Teeter (and a couple good neighborhood bars as well).

  • Hill East is not a neighborhood, it’s something real estate agents say to buyers who want to live on the hill but can’t afford it. And no I don’t live on the hill.

  • I lived on the same street, a bit more west, about a year ago. The area is getting better since I moved in. Lots of young people moving in the area. You have a couple bars, not far from Barracks row, and Harris Teeter. Price isn’t too bad. I will say we, as well as many others, got robbed on this street, so make sure you have security in place. I will also note that you’ll be a bit closer to the rougher houses on the block. However as more police presence is called in, as more people move into the area, you could see a nice ROI. But yes, potomac garden, or potomac triangle since there are three housing projects, will be an issue for a long time. Despite that most people, even from Potomac gardens, are nice and generally keep to themselves.

  • I was recently walking past the Barracks on I Street, going west from 10th to 9th Street on my way home from work. One of the Marines standing guard asked me if I was in the band (I think they rehearse nearby). When I responded “No, why?” he said it was because I was a nicely-dressed white girl coming from a “really bad” neighborhood. It was bizarre on many levels. I can only assume it was the guy’s first day on the job and he’d heard a very outdated rumor about the Hill East area. I’ve been working there since 2006 and I don’t think it’s any less safe than the rest of Capitol Hill.

    • big, big, big, BIG difference between 10th street and 15th street there. I used to live in the neighborhood and can confirm that the area is getting better, but I’d still be afraid to walk down 15th street south of Penn by myself during the day, much less the night.

      • Really? It’s only two blocks! Then again, when I lived on the corner of 15th & K for the summer about 10 years ago we did wake up one morning to find some shell casings in the front yard. But the transvestite hooker at the corner of 15th & Penn was always very friendly. So, y’know; ups and downs.

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