Good Deal or Not? “renovated Federal porch” edition

518 Park Road Northwest

This house is located at 518 Park Road, Northwest:

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 10.24.27 AM

The listing says:

“Wide, bright and renovated Federal porch front just a few blocks to Petworth Metro stop. Gleaming wood floors and woodwork, tall ceiling, off-street parking and bonus in-law suite in finished basement with separate kitchen & bath.”

You can see a virtual tour here.

This 4 bed/2 bath is going for $549,000.

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  • huh, it looks weird. what’s with the w/d where it is. but probably will go above ask.

  • I love the milk delivery icebox on the porch!!

  • I’d say this is priced sensibly. It’s a little lower than it would be since Park Morton is the backyard. That’s going to be one huge, long construction site when it eventually gets redeveloped.

  • if and when it ever gets redeveloped. I would say at least another 5 years before anythign substantial happens and in the mean time you have to deal with that BS in your backyard everyday. They should have enclosed that back “sun porch” differently and made it part of the master suite for more room.

    • 5 Years? I think that is a little dramatic

      They have already started boarding up the empty units.

  • gotta love the projects directly behind your house! nice looking reno though

  • That back “sun porch” seems like a huge waste of money. It barely added any usable space to the house and the configuration is totally weird. Bad investment, IMO.

    • Agreed on the sunroom, which I usually love. I’d knock down that wall and make more space for the kitchen. Also the office in the master bedroom would be nicer as a separate sitting/reading area.

  • No central a/c…no thanks

  • Been on the market for a few weeks – originally was priced closer to 600K. Not sure why it hasn’t sold, it’s a nice house in great shape, but no central air… I personally did not want to deal with living there while all the construction goes on, but it’ll be great once it’s finished I guess. (Not that I know the specifics of the development.)

    • My guess is because most houses in the 600K range have central air and a second bathroom upstairs. I think 500-549 is closer to reality.

  • Beware: the projects behind the house have been the main source of local crime over the past few years, and they’re perennially ticketed for destruction and replacement. That means you could be signing up for 3 or 4 years of demolition & construction as the new stuff goes in.

  • Well, all those projects in the back are slated to be demolished to make room for new developments. Not sure what the seller was thinking with regard to the yellow on the first floor and basement. Dreadful, but fortunately there is an easy, inexpensive fix. Add $10k to install ductless AC.

    • Not a bad price for Park View w/o secure parking, an attractive backyard, A/C, and a decent walk to the metro. We looked at one of the houses you can see from the virtual tour – also a flip – a couple of years ago. PM was a huge factor in us deciding to not put in an offer. If the back area was more secure – just seems ripe for a basement door to get kicked in – it might help with selling. I think ductless A/C wouldn’t be sufficient – too many rooms with substantial walls. High velocity would be a better way to go. Not sure why this wasn’t consider during renovation.

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