Good Deal or Not? “european baths” edition

540 Columbia Road Northwest

This house is located at 540 Columbia Road, Northwest:

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The listing says:

“Prime location with all the bells and whistles. Owner has spared no expense, all new systems!!!! Just over 2,000 sq ft of complete renovation from top to bottom. Features include 4 br, 3.5 ba , wood floors, gourmet kitchen, european baths, fully finished basement, with deck and parking. Plenty of space in this sun filled home, just waiting for you!!!!”

You can see a virtual tour here.

This 4 bed/3.5 is going for $649,000.

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  • justinbc

    It looks “nice”, but to me the phrase “owner has spared no expense” equates to “you get to pay for someone else’s vanilla renovations”.

  • Why does every new renovation feel that swirly counter tops and checkered backsplashes look remotely good together? Give this fad 1 more year tops if it doesn’t look outdated already.

    • That kitchen seriously hurts my eyes. Just awful. Pick one or the other (or really, just don’t with that tile). Also what’s so “European” about the bathrooms? Just looks like more awful trendy mosaic tile that will look dated in another few years.

      • I looked at the tour and thought “it would only take me five minutes in the kitchen before my eyes crossed and the walls started talking to me.” It’s just too many patterns thrown together.

    • Agreed, and then throw in the pattern on the cabinets and it’s entirely too much.

  • Nice flip. Pretty generic but that’s fine for a flip. But seriously, $650K in that location. That seems really high for an “up and coming” hood (i.e., anything east of Sherman).

  • Guessing European Baths are basically modern flip shit blah.

  • “European” = Ikea, I take it.

    • Yikes on the backsmash! And super funny to see $5.99 bottles of Yellowtail screwcap wine in the fancy upside-down wine rack!

  • Judging by how they sawed down the doors in the basement, that ceiling height must be super low.

    • I went to the open house on Sunday. The basement ceilings are definitely too low to be a legal rental. That said, I think it’s a very attractive renovation over all.

    • That sawed off door looks so TRASHY. Seriously.
      They couldn’t spend the coin to get a custom door manufactured?!?!

      As soon as I see that I immediately think “What else has been skimped on in this place? What’s under the dry wall?”

  • Carpet in basement = no bueno.

    That’s just tempting fate, IMO.

  • +1 (million) on the tacky finishes. Spared no expense? Right. Didn’t exactly go overboard on the finishes. And didn’t go overboard on the creativity either. But people keep buying these mediocre flips so why should developers put any extra thought or $$ or effort into their finishes? There was a recent discussion on the Forum among a couple of buyers who had bought flipped houses and were having all kinds of issues. If you are a buyer and your gut says “cheap rehab, wonder if developer cut corners” I’d say pay attention to those instincts.

  • So, I actually went and saw it, most interesting comment came from neighbor across the street: “wonder how they covered that huge crack in the outside wall”, all the ikea cabinets in the world can’t make up for that…

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