Good Deal or Not? “steam shower” edition

430 Warner Street Northwest

This unit is located at 430 Warner Street, Northwest:

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The listing says:

“Shaw-1 of two, 2 level, 3BR/3Ba units in Contemp Rowhouse. Bosch appl’s, granite, bamboo h/w floors, steam shower, f/p,big closets, exterior deck, parking included- .21 mi to Metro (Gr/Yl); G-2 Bus to Dupont/Logan/Gtown. Op Hs 2-4 Sun.; 3 Blks to O St Mkt, Howard Theatre, Shaw’s Tavern, Bistro Bohem, Beau-Thai, Red Hen. #2 also available for $749,990. All info deemed reliable but not guaranteed.”

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/3 bath is going for $679,990 ($205 monthly fee.)

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  • What’s a steam shower? I generally prefer NOT to scald myself with hot water in the shower.

  • Gorgeous renovations and lots of outdoor patio space, but there’s very little natural light inside this house. It’s sort of like living in a very nice hobbit hole – every room is so dark! And two of the bedrooms seem to be on the basement level :-/

    • I think it’s preferable to have bedrooms in the basement when a house is split into an up/down duplex. That way, if the neighbors are having a party late into the night, you have an entire empty floor between you and their noise. (In fact, you may need this even when they’re not having a party.)

    • Yeah, not a ton of direct light downstairs, though my sense of it when I walked through was more “serene” than “dark.”….

  • Beautiful place.

  • Does anyone know what sort of slate looking 12×24 tile they used in the shower? I am looking to do something similar.

  • Personally I think those bathrooms will look outdated in five years. I dislike the awful busy mosaic tiles developers are so fond of using. Plus those giant steam shower units are kind of scary looking. All in all, a ho-hum reno, but the price is probably about right.

  • That’s a good price for FloRhIde.

  • That would be a really amazing deal – for the upper unit. The finishes in that place are divine and it looks beautiful, but as @Anonymous1:23 pointed out, it’s so dark! To be on the basement & first floor is challenging enough, but then to add all that decking off the back just kills out any light this place may have ever gotten. If I’m spending almost $700,000, I want $700k worth of sunlight!

    • justinbc

      Yeah. It’s probably a good deal although the sqft isn’t listed here or on Redfin. But you’re also paying $700K to live halfway in the basement, which is a tough pill to swallow. I guess you would have to really love Shaw and its surrounding area and not be able to find any other place available (I personally don’t see too much come up for sale here).

  • Good deal if you buy both, I think. That’s a nice quiet street, but the location is still quite close to lots of stuff. It’ll be worth the asking price and more once the O St Market comes online.

  • Agree the neighborhood is only getting better. People paying a premium for brand new construction but I think they did a good job. Wonder why there isn’t more of a price different between the upper and lower units though. Upper unit seems to be great value.

  • Just a note on those steam showers. The steam generator (most of which are made by Kohler) are unbelievably maintence intensive.

    I’ve installed 3 in the past 5 years in places I was selling, all by Kohler trained reps (which cost a fortune) rather than your average plumber, and they all needed complete replacement, or repairs totaling half their initial cost within 3 years. Buyer beware.

  • I think it shows well, but that’s a lot of dough for a part-basement condo. And then the monthly fee. Ouch.

    @ACG, it’s probably porcelain, like the one we just used in our bathroom re-do. We like it a lot.

    Found here:

  • novadancer

    eh, that’s the equivilent of a $750k house. I would rather buy a full house than deal with another condo owner, etc.

  • I moved to Warner St about 7 years ago. Great neighborhood and it’s only getting better. Things I like about this – Interior is beautiful albeit dark, and the backyard is great. Things I am not crazy about – They had to build a popup on the roof and dugout a basement to make this 4 stories (two units). Luckily the fourth floor is blocked by a mature tree, so it is too much of an oddball. Larger concern is the trend – I really don’t want more of these on the block because parking will quickly become an issue. This place has its own spots so that is a plus.

    • “So it ISN’T too much of an oddball…”

    • justinbc

      The backyard is only great if you’re ok with having a cement slab in place of actual green space.

      • True, but those backyards are deep. Owners can “greenify” the deck and still have parking. The neighborhood has a lot of trees, too.

      • Yeah exactly. My thought was, “back yard? what back yard?”. This would be a deal breaker for me, but for someone who just wants a parking space, it should be sufficient.

        • I am using “backyard” loosely to refer to the space behind the house. From the pictures it seems like the decks are large enough to create some green space while having parking. Will there be grass, a jungle gym and a hot tub? No. Can you have a BBQ and enjoy some adult beverages? Probably.

  • It is nice
    but would i spend 700 for that… hell no

  • Do you have to share the backyard with the upper unit in condos like this? Or is it bottome unit has yard, upper unit has roof deck?

    • I would guess you share, but I could be wrong. No sure how parking works out either. Is it 6 BR total (3 br/unit)? If so, parking on my street just got a lot more difficult.

    • This looks to be shared since there is a spiral staircase coming down from the upper unit. I would guess each owner gets one parking space. It also looks like the upstairs neighbor would have to walk through the downstairs neighbor’s deck to get to the parking pad. Less than ideal, but it seems many town houses converted to condos have this configuration.

  • A partial basement CONDO in Shaw for almost 700k?!

    “Mommy that bubble looks huge, I’m scared.”
    “That’s right, Junior; it’s about to burst.”

    • Price does seem high. I could see that price more easily for single family home, but the owner probably wouldn’t have made enough money keeping it a single unit especially after all the money they pumped into this thing. Not sure it was the wisest decision on their part.

    • more likely to slowly deflate as rates rise than burst, eh? I mean knock that down to 600k and it looks pretty good against rents, and against incomes, considering the location, eh?

      We aren’t talking a Manassas in 2006 type of collapse,

      • Yeah, I don’t see the demand for city living diminishing any time soon. It’s inherently more sustainable, which will only become more crucial as the world continues to grow and develop, putting a strain on energy supplies and other resources.

    • “But this time it’s different!”

      • thats funny considering the fact that prices barely went down in DC during the last crash.

        • Plenty of condos and houses have been selling in the past year below their pre-Crash highs. There’s also a lot of people selling right now who are just barely making a profit because they bought in 2006-2007 at inflated levels.

          • Those that are selling under what they paid in 2006 aren’t selling for THAT much lower.

          • I totally agree that it’s not much lower. But it’s still happening. There’s a lot of people in DC that are just now starting to get their head above the water. You can see it on the transaction history on Redfin. The only ones making out like bandits right now are those who bought in 2009-2011 at the trough or those who had their property 10+ years.

    • The PITI on this place is probably ~3K. Would you rather pay that or $3200/mo at City Market at O for a 2BR+den?

  • This place is beautiful. I toured the upper and lower units at the open house last week. Great block, amazing development happening in every direction, walkable location. If I hadn’t just bought my new place I’d seriously consider putting an offer on this one 🙂

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