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  • the guy who lives in the house in the background, moses, has been living there since the 70s (and waters that garden). he is by far the friendliest person in the neighborhood. he and his dog coco sit on the stoop every morning and he says hello to everyone walking by. almost every day, someone stops and chats with him. pop- you should interview him. since he’s lived in shaw for 40 years, he’s seen everything

  • This parklet extends out into the street—I don’t think I’ve seen that anywhere else in the city. Would love to know how this came to be and how can we get more of these?

  • Great guy on a great block in a great neighborhood.

  • Moses does a great job with his street side garden. The bump out into the street was a part of redevelopment in the 70s. There’s one at the 10th Street end of the block as well. Some like it. Some thinks it just takes up a parking space or two.

  • Where is this?

  • justinbc

    Wow, this really gives us something to aspire to! Any idea what the tall flowering plant in the middle is?

    • That’s a yucca. They are beautiful but you have to commit to them, because their roots go insanely deep and you’ll never dig it out.

  • What street is this on?

  • What’s up with the stone posts and the chain? I’ve never seen those in DC – did Moses add those himself?

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