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  • Are you trying to smoke that?

  • Can we do a regular “what is this plant” series? There are quite a few things I’d like identified and it’s hard to just google the answer.

    • or “Best Spot for a morning spliff/bong rip”

    • I agree! I would love a “how to garden or what to grow in this zone” series. Also, a full sun vs. shade gardening would be awesome! I think that would be a fantastic addition to Popville.

  • a weed is just a plant you don’t want.

    • +1. OP should just ask whether he/she likes the plant.

      OTOH the real question might be “what plant is this”, which is entirely reasonable.

  • its a plant.. weed have many of the same leaf patterns but they would be on individual stalks.

  • LOL, that’s not cannabis, if that’s what you’re asking. The leaves are similar yet distinct.

  • OP here. The lighter was for size comparisson since it was the only thing in my pocket when I took the photo. I agree that a weed is a plant you don’t want, but I don’t know if this plant will give flowers or not. Maybe if someone could identify what plant this is I could google some pictures and decide if I want it to keep growing or not. Right now is probably 5 feet tall!

  • If you’re asking if you stumbled upon a marijuana plant, fear not. It’s just a leaf.

  • Could be one of the big rudbeckias–like R. laciniata (probably not that one, but something similar). There are some “weedier” types that are quite big, but have great bloom. Just the kind of thing that would be installed in a native plant installation. Why not wait and see what it does? You can cut it down by 1/3 or 1/2 to get it to branch more, bloom more, and stay shorter.

  • You might also contact the company that did the landscaping to see if they still have a list of the plants they put in. Did they give you a diagram of what was going in and where?

    • This is what they said they planted:

      Ilex Glabra, inkberry
      Coreopsis verticillata, pot-of-gold
      Echinacea purpurea, purple coneflower
      Delphinium tricorne, dwark larkspur
      Physostegia virginiana, Obedient plant
      Liatris spicata, Spike Gayfeather
      Liatris microcephala, Dwarf Blazing Star
      Rudebeckia hirta, black-eyed susan
      Eupatorium fistulosum, joe pye weed

      But I don’t think it’s any of these so I was wondering if it was something else they planted or some weed that just grew there. I’m going to google big rudbeckias and see what I can find. My only concern about letting it grow is if it gets out of control and then it’s hard to get rid off.

      • Hey fz. Nice native plant list! It’s most likely none of those, but I suggest googling those plants in google image search. Just google “Coreopsis verticillata leaf”, for example.

      • This could be what they are labeling as the Rudbeckia hirta. Give it a few weeks to see what it does. Please post the photo of the bloom!

  • Roll it up, big son!

  • ledroittiger

    I think that’s a mushroom, dude.

  • celery?

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