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Clothing alterations in Dupont/Logan Circle:

Anyone have recommendations for a place near Dupont/Logan that does a good job on alterations for women’s clothing? I used to go to Kim’s Cleaners on 17th between U and T, but I haven’t seen the same couple in the store. I see on yelp people like Dupont Cleaners on R at 16th. Thank you for your help!

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  • Georgetown Valet on 13th and M.

  • Dupont Court Cleaners – 1755 S St NW. Well reviewed on Yelp and did a great job on my stuff.

    • I’ve only had minor repairs done at DuPont Court & they did a nice job. Love them because there are virtually no other dry cleaners who will turn an item around in just a few hours. And I really love them because they had a wall-of-customers photo taken with former President Bill Clinton. And yes, they say if he’d taken that dress to them they would have gotten the stain out!

  • Cheryl Lofton – had my wedding dress fixed up there, and had a back seam put into a dress. They are not cheap, but i go there for complex alterations and I can’t be any happier with them! (it’s on 6th and T st, near Shaw metro)‎

  • Gilbert the Tailor on Wisconsin in Georgetown also does a great job with more complicated alterations (and isn’t as expensive as the address might sound).

  • It’s a from where you are, but I moved from Columbia Heights to Logan Circle and I *STILL* go out of my way to French’s Cleaners on 14th and Spring, next to the Red Derby. Good prices, great work, wonderful service, wonderful people, I can’t stop going.

  • Another vote for Cheryl Lofton. She does great work.

  • I go to Kalorama Cleaners on Florida next to Pleasant Pops. They always doo good work and it’s reasonably priced. I’ve been happy with the results for formal dresses, suit pants, and other clothes.

  • I agree with French’s for quick fixes and I’ll add Ginger Root on U Street for the more complicated stuff. They are super friendly and do great work!

  • Christopher Kim on 20th and M – he is a bit expensive but good for complex alterations. He did an amazing job taking in two formal dresses of mine.

  • JC Lofton @ 10th and U is the best. Last time I went in for alterations, he told me to go get dinner and come back. Super nice dude and excellent customer service.

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