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Dog Groomer:

We have tried three or four different places but only have found one groomer we really like and we can’t get in with them until July at this point! We want a place where we don’t have to drop the dog off and leave her there all day and who are kind to “scared of new people” dogs. Any recommendations?

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  • I took my pup to Bonnie’s on Capitol Hill for the first time last week. I dropped her off at 8:30 AM and she was ready by 10:00 AM. They did a great job (one minor scrape, but that’s typical), and everyone there was very friendly. Here’s the website:

    • I took my dogs to Bonnie’s once. They weren’t able to finish grooming one of my dogs because he was being too difficult, but they didn’t charge me for him. The groomers did a good job on the other dog, and they don’t keep the dogs in cages quite as long as places like Petco do. Nevertheless, I’m not sure I’d recommend them for dogs that are usually skittish in these situations. I’m still looking for a groomer that’s good with nervous dogs like mine.

      • I’m personally not a fan of Bonnie’s. I took my dog there a few times, and each time resulted in a different problem. They tend to shave dogs when they don’t know how to groom them (confirmed by other people in my neighborhood). However…I have a golden retriever, a pretty common breed. The last and final time I took my dog there they nicked a nerve or something because when I picked her up, her head was shaking, similar to but not a seizure. I took her immediately to the vet. Bottom line – I would avoid Bonnie’s. However, I recently began taking my dog to Happy Grooming in Arlington off of Sprout Run Highway and I’m really satisfied with their grooming.

  • Have you tried Little Rascals on Georgia and Missouri or one of the mobile places that come to you?

  • If you wanted to do it yourself, but don’t have the space, you could try Fur-Get Me Not in Adams Morgan. They provide all the supplies and you “rent” their professional grooming equipment for a set time. Then they clean up after you’re done. I used to go there with my dogs when I didn’t have a house conducive to dog bathing (though that was about three years ago).

  • Cassandra at Paws of Enchantment is amazing. I’ve been taking my dogs to her for at least 12 years. She’s not cheap, but she does a great job.
    For quickie baths, the Doggie Washerette is great, on Georgia by Alaska.

  • My Dog Groomer lives in the District and will pick up your pet from your home and bring them back…all within a 2 hour timeframe.

    Joe the Groomer
    referred by AnGelica

  • I definitely recommend the services of Marcus at Claws and Paws on 11th St (between Lamont and Park – right across from the dog park). He does a great job and is very accommodating. He calls when he’s done grooming the dog, and for me it’s always been around an hour. You can make an appointment ahead of time, and if you want, you can stick around for a while at the beginning while your dog adjusts. Plus, a trip to the dog park afterwards is a great reward so your dog will have positive associations with going to the groomer.

    • Totally agree w/ Marcus at Paws and Claws. Just had my little beast trimmed for the summer there on Sunday.

      And a bonus that you could have a drink at Room 11, Meridian Pt, El chucho, Red Rocks or Coupe while you wait.

  • Doggie Style on 18th St is awesome.

    • I second Doggie Style. I’ve been taking my mini-poodle there for almost two years and they consistently do a great job. I pay about $75 for grooming.

  • homerule

    Our pup has only needed one cut, but we were recommended by several people with small dogs to go to Aryan at Ruff is Ready. (He only takes dogs under 30 lbs.)

    We were quite pleased– he did an excellent job with a very squirmy puppy, and our dog was the only dog there (no sitting in cages for hours). Aryan texted us when he was 15 minutes out from being done so we could pick him up on time. There was one little scrape, but I think that is more than reasonable for our dog (I doubt he sat still at all).

  • I’ve used a mobile dog grooming service, Bark In Style, several times since I got my rescue dog about a year ago. I originally took him to Petco, and they called me to pick him up because he was being difficult (growling, had to muzzle). I think a lot of his issues had to do with being around other dogs. I tried Bark In Style and he has not had an issue. They come right to my house (Columbia Heights), park outside, take the dog in the truck, and then call you to come out when the dog is ready. It usually takes about an hour. It has worked for me.

  • Ok I’m a little overwhelmed by all these options. Can you guys add what you paid for each (and what kind of dog, for reference)?

    • These are the prices at Club Wags (our 32 pound aussiedoodle was $100)
      Full Service Grooming:
      X Small Dog $60
      Small Dog $80
      Medium Dog $100
      Large $120

  • I’ve taken my bichon-type of dog to Aryan at Ruff is Ready. He runs about $40, is extremely polite and organized. Most importantly, my dog is not a little zombie dog when I go to pick her up.

    I really like Erin at the Petsmart in Bethesda. They run about $70 and are pretty hectic there, but my dog comes back very un-zombie like and is CUTE (which no one else can seem to do).

    I will never take her again to Petco in Cleveland Park. While everyone there is polite, the two times I’ve taken her there (3 years apart) she comes back almost unrecognizable personality-wise. She’s lethargic and unresponsive and has no appetite for the rest of the day (and last time was limping after only being bathed!). I’m not sure what they do to her there, but she’s never going back.

  • OP here. We tried Paws of Enchantment but she has really limited weekend hours and it just isn’t convenient enough for a weekday. Plus the dogs stay out of crates and some of them were a little too much for our dog to handle.

    We love Club Wags the mobile groomer, but their weekends are booked into July. I guess I need to be better about booking my appointments sooner.

    But, great suggestions from all the posters, so thank you!

  • We’ve been taking our dog to Wagtime for years now. It can be tough to get an appt anywhere in the summer, including there, I must say. Our guy is a bit nervous and he has always done well there (we’ve tried 3 other groomers in DC who he didn’t do well with). We do daycare before and after so that he’s not in a cage all day and then pick him up when we’re finished with work for the day. Price is in the $65 range or so for a toy poodle.

  • We’ve used a few mobile groomers, Bark in Style and Diva Dogs. They are slightly more than dropping your dog off, but I find the convenience worth the cost. Since they only have to dogs for as long as they are being groomed it’s only an hour (&1/2 since I have two) long experience vs. 8 hours where you have to drop them off (my dog gets super stressed out so this is easier). They do a great job and charge around 70-90 a dog. You schedule them, the come to your door, ask what you want, take the dog, groom them and return them to your door just a quickly.

  • Just out of curiosity, do you tip the groomer? My bf and I were having a conversation about this the other day.

  • Everyone at my dog park loves Grooming by Em. We pay about $60 for a 50 lb Chow. I can usually get an appointment within a day or two of calling. She also has boarding, so staying all day is fine. She is just over the MD line on rt 1.

    Yelp deal for new customers:

    (if you go please give Shadow your referral bonus :))

  • Stay away from Wagtime! Picked my pet up after a grooming session (haircut and bath) and he was soaking wet on the bottom with urine… they had no shame in handing him over in that condition until I pointed it out to them.

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