From the Forum – How Much to Charge for a 1BR with a Den?

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How Much to Charge for a 1BR with a Den?

I was wondering if anyone has recommendations for a rent breakdown for a 1BR apartment with a den (in Cleveland Park – on Connecticut). The master is 13×13 feet (with a closet), and the den is 8×10 feet (closets are available outside of room, but den has windows on 3 sides and a door).

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  • The OP posted a subsequent comment on the thread saying that what she was actually looking for was how much rent each person would pay. My take is that a den is not a real bedroom, and if the OP is occupying the bedroom and looking to rent the den to a tenant, the den’s smaller size and lack of closets needs to be reflected in the rent. The fact that there are closets outside gives the tenant a place to store his/her clothes… but means that, among other things, he/she won’t be able to stand naked in front of the closet while deciding what to wear. The OP also didn’t mention whether there is more than one bathroom.

    • Note that the master bedroom, at 169 square feet, is more than twice as big as the den (80 square feet). I’d say the rent breakdown also depends whether the OP and a friend are moving into a new place together and can thus plan to share the living space equally, or whether the OP already owns (or rents) the place and the tenant would be moving in. If it’s the latter scenario, the tenant is probably going to feel less comfortable using the shared living space.

  • Close (<0.5 mi) to metro? Any amenities in building or on the grounds? Doorman or no? Central air or window unit (a la much of Connecticut in that area)? What floor is it on? Is it in the basement? If above street level, is it a walk-up or does the building have an elevator? Washer and dryer in unit? Gas or electric appliances and heat? Stainless steel and granite kitchen, or harvest gold and formica? I could see $2,200 at the low end of this list and $3,300 at the high end.

  • 65%/35% split in rent. That den is tiny, but I suppose it’s livable.

    Just be aware that the person in the den will probably be spending more time in the common areas than you will.

    • I agree with 65/35, since the bedroom is more than twice the size of the den and has its own closet.

  • If the breakdown was strictly on bedroom size and all other factors were equal, then it would be 67%/33%.

    But since the den doesn’t have its own closets, I think 70%/30% might be fairer.

    • But the den has windows on three sides!!! Just kidding, I agree 65/35 or 70/30 sounds fair to me.

      • I’d say 65/35 is better. Den Girl is going to be using the shared areas A LOT more than Bedroom Girl. Den Girl should pay more than only 30% in order to reflect her increased usage of the common areas.

        • If Bedroom Girl already lives there and Den Girl is just moving in, I think Den Girl isn’t going to feel as free to use the common areas as she would otherwise.

          • Eh, I think that’s just your personal feelings on the matter.

            If I was Den Girl, I’d have no problems using the common areas whenever I wanted. I’m paying rent and it’s just as much my apartment as Bedroom Girl’s. If Bedroom Girl doesn’t want to split the common area usage 50/50 with someone, then she has no business getting a roommate.

            Besides, are you just going to sit in that 8×10 cell all evening long?!? That would drive me insane.

  • I don’t think you should break it down based purely off the square footage of the bedroom space. Assuming the roommate has 100 percent access to everything else about the place then a 60-40 split is reasonable. If it’s a $2,500 apartment and they’re paying $1,500 for bedroom and $1,000 for den, then person in den is still getting a great deal.

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