Friday Question of the Day – What’s Your Favorite Food Truck?


Earlier in the week The Daily Meal released their 2013 list of 101 best food trucks in America. They explain their methodology here. DC trucks that made the list were:

#78 Rito Loco
#72 DC Slices
#66 Red Hook Lobster Pound
#45 Pepe Food Truck
#32 Basil Thyme
#3 Fojol Brothers

So it’s been a couple years since we looked at our favorite trucks and lots of new ones have hit the streets since then. So I’m curious what are your favorites for 2013? (If possible please include roughly how expensive a meal at your favorite costs.) Anyone have a favorite that is no longer on the road in 2013?

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  • PDleftMtP

    I have to admit I’m not comfortable with Fojol Brothers. I feel like I’m going to an Amos ‘n’ Andy show.

    Big fan of PORC.

    • If you think Fojol Brothers is like an Amos n’ Andy show, you’ve never seen (or heard) an Amos n’ Andy show.

      Sorry, I just don’t get the outrage over a couple of guys in wizard outfits and turbans pretending to be from a fake country in the far East.

    • I was wondering how long it would take some overly PC and uptight person to make this comment…turns out not long at all!

  • Chef driven!

  • Carnivore BBQ

  • Cirque Cuisine makes some of the best food around. The fried squash blossoms, ahi tuna and quinoa stuffed zucchini are wonderful. Sorry, Kari, chef driven is gone…

    • SouthwestDC

      I met the owners of Cirque a long time ago, back when their food truck was still just an idea. They’re awesome people and I’m glad to hear their truck is doing well!

    • I saw the Chef Driven truck at Farragut today. Sounds like the original owner just wanted to cash out – I’m sure the new owners are not messing with a successful business model. There was a big line in front of the truck today.

  • Ball or Nothing is a weekly tradition for me and many of my coworkers! We’re big fans, especially of the BBQ Chicken Balls, when they have them.

    • YES. Ball or Nothing is delicious, especially their veggie balls! Also love their seasonal side dishes.

  • Cirque Cuisine is great. Quinoa stuffed zucchini, ahi tuna and fried squash blossoms are all great. Sorry, Kari, chefdriven, at least in it’s current incarnation, is done. Check out foodtruckfiesta for details.

    • I’m not sure what that means– I just got lunch from chefdriven this week (porkbelly sliders) and it was definitely one of my favorite foodtruck lunches.

    • Of currently operating trucks (a list that excludes soon to be shuttered Chef Driven and my original favorite, the seemingly dormant El Floridano), Cirque Cuisine hands-down has the best food quality. The operators have managed to master several different cuisines with their changing menus. It’s on the pricy side, but is consistently well-prepared and relatively balanced nutritionally. Other high marks go to Sundevich, Basil Thyme, Feeling Crabby (notwithstanding sometimes slow service), and the banh mi at Lemongrass. The two Fojol Brothers trucks I’ve tried, by contrast, have mediocre, underseasoned food; they are in the bottom 15 percent of the 40 or so DC food trucks I’ve patronized.

  • I’ve only tried Fojol Brothers, at a festival (I guess I need to get out more!). I was actually thinking of going to Truckeroo tonight if the weather clears up. So great timing with this question!

  • Big Cheese

  • Surfside. The first fish tacos off the grill shortly before noon? Perfection.

  • I’m a fan of Go Fish! and even more when they’re parked outside of 3 Stars brewery.

  • Hula Girl, with Far east taco a close second.

  • Hula Girl and Fojol Brothers

  • Rolling Ficelle!

  • Lemongrass hands down!

  • Fojol – especially the Merlinda truck, used to be my favorite, but when they came back from their winter hiatus the food wasn’t the same. I think they their recipes. The spinach sauce used be really hearty and spinach-y, and now is more creamy and less spinach-y. Butter chicken doesn’t quite taste the same either. Sad.

    Anyway, my favorites are Ball or Nothing, Rolling Ficelle, Sundevich, Kafta Mania, Far East Grill (when there isn’t an enormous line) and I used to love Chef Driven, what a bummer it’s gone.

  • God, this discussion is like a foreign language to me. I’m so clueless about food trucks!

  • Not a typical “meal” truck but I love when the stars align and I’m in the vicinity of Stella’s popkern truck. Always gives me a stomach ache because I eat WAY too much.

  • justinbc

    My old list (ranked by preference) is a bit outdated…

    Sadly it seems like several of my previous favorites have either closed up shop or happily opened new brick and mortar locations.

    One of my newfound favorites though is the Sate truck, specifically the beef rendang dish which costs $9 for a heaping box full of deliciously spicy beef.

    Perhaps my all-time favorite food truck item in DC is the pan con lechon from El Floridano. It used to be $7 (now $8 I believe) for a sandwich stuffed with spicy pork and a perfectly balanced sweet guava sauce. The first time I had it I truly appreciated what food trucks could deliver to DC.

    • +1 on the El Floridano. Been meaning to hit up their brick and mortar Mothership, perhaps this is the weekend to do it.

  • Did Basil Thyme shut down? Makes me sad because it was by far my favorite. All of the lasagnas I tried were delicious (especially the butternut squash!), and I loved the combo with the salad and the connoli.

    • PDleftMtP

      No, they’re still around – I saw them the other day. Never tried them, but maybe I should.

    • justinbc

      They whined and threatened to shut down because of the proposed regulations which they claimed would have put them out of business. They never actually followed through though.

      • I believe they just shut down their second truck (which they are thinking of reopening with a different concept), which for a time served normal (not lasagna) pasta

  • Seoulfood DC though they can actually only serve in VA…..

  • Well.. since food trucks don’t come near me I almost never eat them I don’t feel qualified to answer this.

  • I’m a big fan of Chatpat for Masala Dosas – these are southern Indian lentil crepes filled with potatoes or spinach (I like the potatoes) and served with Coconut chutney and a soup (I forget what it’s called). The owners used to run Nirvana on K Street (closed in the last couple years).

    As for other trucks – I’ve had great lasagna from Basil Thyme and a delicious chorizo sandwich from Sundevich. I also like Bibimbap from Korengy.

    • justinbc

      +1 Sundevich truck … I never got around to reviewing them, but they would have been way up high on my own list!

    • jburka

      The owners still run Indian Delight in the at the Old Post Office Pavilion. Great food, especially the Wednesday special (and even more so when they have mirchi ka salan for the Wednesday special!) I keep wondering what will happen when the Trumps shut down the building for redevelopment…but that’s one reason they have the truck now.

      • Indian Delight also used to have a location in the food court at Union Station many years ago – that’s how I knew about them. I told the owner I was a big fan. I’m glad to hear they are still in the Old Post Office though I hope they open another restaurant soon…

    • Yes, the chorizo sandwich (the Madrid) from Sundevich is fantastic. Had it for the first time this week and thought it was delicious.

  • Chef Driven, though I just saw the owner sold the truck.

  • R.I.P. Peanut Butter Jelly Time

  • Fojol Brothers and the banh mi truck that’s usually around Farragut Square (can’t remember the name – help?)

    • justinbc

      Pho Wheels DC is there a good bit. They do a fancied up version of a banh mi with a deep fried sous vide egg that’s pretty outstanding.

  • I agree PBJ truck was awesome — the sweet chili jalapeno bacon PBJ sandwich was unreal.

    My favorite is Sundevich (the egg sandwiches are incredible) with honorable mention of Far East Taco Grille, Lemongrass, and el Floridano.

  • The Big Cheese, CapMac and Dangerously Delicious Pies.

  • Could we technically be #1 as well since Red Hook is here? Just sayin’…

    Also, El Floridano 🙂

  • Alas, I work in a food truck desert. I wish they’d give Tenleytown some love…

  • Damn, I know what I’m doing for lunch today! Food Truck Friday *drooooool*

  • Bada Bing. Best cheesesteaks in the DC area, hands down. The spiedies are also incredible.

  • I work at 20th & L, and we often have the same trucks, so my experience is slightly limited. I like the:
    Tapas Truck (specifically, the corn fritters)
    DC Ballers
    DC Slices (specifically, the tots)

  • Adam

    I’ve always been a fan of Taco Trucks. Yum!

  • basil thyme and ball or nothing

  • Used to love getting a deep dish pie from Pi Truck but they shut down their truck. Mojo truck is also one of my favorites!

    • Their brick and mortar on F St in Penn Quarter is good if you want to get your deep dish fix.

  • Hula Girl & PhoJunkies

  • Rolls on Rolls is my favorite. They used to come to Metro Center but haven’t in a long time.

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