Future Bar/Restaurant from Owner of Room 11 Progressing in Petworth

829 Upshur St, NW

Back in March we learned Paul Ruppert, one of the owners behind Room 11, was opening two spots in Petworth. Happy to see some progress on one front – the former Island Cafe has now been gutted and the bar is starting to get rebuilt:


Stay tuned.


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  • Yay!!

  • Great news! My friends and I cannot wait for the new places to open.

    Petworth is ripe for some more retail. In my opinion, the area near around the new Safeway are ripe for some development. How about an ice cream/frozen yogurt shop, a deli/sandwich place or maybe a sushi/ramen mix. This area is getting better and better. Restaurateurs and entrepreneurs, we are ready for ya!

  • Amen! I can tell you that anyone who brings some eateries and/or ice cream/deli places to the neighborhood won’t be disappointed. We have a big group of friends we hang out with and will absolutely patronize anything by the famous Room 11 group. Lets gets some more people developing up here! The huge, new Safeway is going to be a game changer. Get in early before rents get too high!

    • +1!!!’

    • I agree with the ice-cream comments. I would love for Dolcezza to open a gelatto/coffe shop in Petworth. I think they would kill it and rent would be a lot cheaper than in their other locations.

      • Please get in touch with them to see if they are willing to open in the Park Place building at Georgia and Quincy. There is a perfect spot right on the corner. They just need to get in touch with Donatelli to make it happen.

  • Awesome. Looking forward to rolling down the street to get a drink.

  • Welcome Room 11 folks! Looking forward to stopping in!

    And plus A MILLION on the ice cream/deli comments!

  • Psyched for this new place. Upshur is where it’s at, and if that lame corner store can move in, you know rents have to be pretty cheap (either that or it’s a front, which is entirely possible). Let’s get a bakery in here too!

  • Looking forward to another option besides DC Reynolds, Looking Glass, and Chez Billy (all are great to clarify) nearby.

    Adding to the list of wants for the neighborhood: Pho

  • I absolutely second the recommendation of an ice cream shoppe. Dolcezza is my favorite and would be fantastic! Of course, I’d also love an upscale deli/bakery too. There is plenty of business to go around!

    Email Dolcezza or your ANC Rep/Council member Bowser. Lets spur on some economic development!

  • I’m going to live at this place.

  • Awesome news on the new development on this street! Great to see so many good options now in Petworth.

    I agree on the ice cream shop / dessert house. There are plenty of families with little ones in the neighborhood and an ice cream place would surely be a hit!- Definitely a market for it.

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