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  • Mi cuba cafe. Awesome cuban food and huge portions

    • Yes, agreed. It is one restaurant where I always feel stuffed when I’m done. Affordable, big portions, good food. One of the better places in Columbia Heights.

  • Great question!!

  • OH MAN, Filomena will knock you off your feet with the size of their pasta dishes.

  • Don’t know if it’s the same under the new ownership, but the old Hitching Post used to give you a “half-chicken” with about 3 drumsticks. Their burger is/was two big patties on a hoagie roll.

  • Oohs and Aahs. While I think it’s a bit overpriced, their dinners are big enough for two people.

  • SUNdeVICHE in Shaw has ginormous sandwiches.

    • Unless they have changed, Sundevich sandwiches are rather small. I could easily eat 2.

    • Stachowski sandwiches (see, Four Meat Grinder and Pastrami) dwarf those from Sundevich and just about everyone else. The pastrami sandwich has a full pound of meat.

  • the brentwood giant soul food bar.

  • Founding Farmers.

  • Seriously? Like anywhere that doesn’t advertise small plates…

    • That’s the problem… EVERYONE advertises small plates now!

    • Even in places with full-size entrees… they aren’t huge. I’m from NJ and I’m using to Italian restaurants serving portions that are so big you can split an entree and still have leftovers to eat for breakfast and lunch the next day. You don’t really see that here unless it’s a big chainy place. I guess the rent is too high for small restaurants to give gigantic portions.

      • I’m actually from New Jersey too. I guess I’m alone in not wanting to feel like I’m going to throw up when I leave a restaurant.

        • Then why are you posting on a thread that specifically asks people, “Where are your favorite restaurants to get big meals?” Just go away.

        • That’s usually not what I’m going for either, but sometimes it’s nice to have a lot of leftovers or sometimes I’m dining out with someone who wants to see big portions. It’s a good question.

  • The Rib Pitt in North Columbia Heights if it is still open. Looks like a rat hole in a wall but the best BBQ of any kind I have seen anywhere north of Richmond. HUGE portions, easily enough for a big man to have two meals and cheap prices.

    • I’ve often wondered about that place. Thanks!

    • I second. That place looks sketchy as all get out, but it’s great.

    • I love the Rob Pit, but it’s been closed for several months. Not sure if it’s closed permanently or if the owners are taking an extended break. From what I hear they have been known to do that in the past.

      • *Rib Pit. Trying to type to fast…

      • The Rib Pit. Really? The one and only time I’ve had food there, it was bland and pretty gross. Yeah, the place looks like it should be great old school bbq, but the food was horrible.

  • Bistrot du Coin. Hands down.

  • albany

    Carmines – end of discussion.

    Sun De Viche really? I like their sandwiches but they’re smaller than Subway.

  • KBC!! The burgers are huge and so are the BBQ platters. MMMmmmm

  • I just discovered Wonderland is doing daily blue-plate specials! The guy next to me got the rib platter – a big slab of ribs & a bucket of macaroni & cheese, plus it comes with a beer – for around $13.00.

  • Does the Hill Country BBQ all you can eat count?

    Also, I know every foodie on here will crucify me, but Cheesecake Factory baby!

  • It’s probably not what the OP had in mind, but Pho is a big meal. I can never finish a bowl and leave feeling uncomfortably full.

    • Ethiopian, too.

    • That “full” feeling is ever so fleeting, however. Rice noodles digest really quickly, so in an hour or so after the ensuing food coma, I start feeling hungry again.

  • A few spots:

    1) Kangaroo Boxing Club/PORC Truck: really good value at both spots and tons of food, no matter what you get. Love the pastrami and the pork. And any of the macs are fantastic.

    2) Döner Bistro: The döner sandwich is huge and very good. Think it’s $7 or $8.

    3) Carn BBQ Truck: For like $10, you get like three pounds of meat, beans, and slaw. Awesome.

    4) Haydee’s Restaurant. The fajitas have definitely gone up in price over the past few years, but I’ve never been able to finish an order on my own. Five tortillas, a huge carving board of meat, and great atmosphere.

    Probably forgetting many others but these immediately come to mind.

    • I think the reference to Döner Bistro is kind of funny, because it costs 50-100% more than comparably sized Döner in Germany.

      So yes, it’s delicious, and it’s not expensive by DC standards at all, but having spent a lot of time in Germany I just can’t convince myself to go back there. 🙁

  • binpetworth

    The Greek Deli’s platters always make up two meals for me.

    • +1.

      For carnivores like me, Fogo de Chao is another.

    • You can pretty much kill yourself at Greek Deli for $12.

      Don Juan’s in Mount Pleasant gives you a ton of food. None of it’s particularly good, but that’s not what you asked. And for large portions of mediocre food that will end up in the back of your fridge for a week before you throw it out, you can’t beat Lauriol Plaza.

  • Brunch at Georgia Browns. You get the buffet plus two huge pieces of fried chicken and sides that most people just take to go.

  • Brasserie Beck has large sized portions of mussels with frites for a decent price (~$25). I think that their other entrees are also larger, but I get mussels most often. All I know is, that I never leave there hungry. + they have a solid selection of beer.

  • I second Georgia Brown’s. Sunday brunch is no joke. You stuff yourself, and then get an entire second meal to take home for later.

  • Zenebech Injera has excellent food and huge portions for pretty cheap.

    +1 on Oohs and Aahs. Huge portions, and totally delicious to boot. Their grits are awesome.

    Meditteranean Spot is also known for large plates.

  • Le Diplomat

    • Concur with Le Diplomate. Was uncomfortably stuffed after sharing an app and the rabbit Thursday special, which was great. Unlike many pricier spots in DC, your $26+ entree gets you large portion.

      • Was really disappointed with Le Diplomate. Pretty average food for the price. I’ve had much better meals at Bistro la Bonne.

        I easily finished my meal as well.

        The fois gras was incredible though…

  • Open City. Portions are generally large, and very satisfying.

    • You can’t be serious. Food to Open City is so not the point. An afterthought.

    • The food is ok at Open City, but it’s decidedly not well portioned. If you’re hungry for breakfast, you’ll have to get some cake or a couple additional sides in addition to your breakfast meal to really feel satisfied.

      • Yeah, I find Open City’s portions to be on the smaller side. Decent food, but not big servings.

      • Maybe my idea of large portions is different, but if you order the Royale and you go home hungry, then nothing is going to satisfy your appetite!

  • Stachowski’s sandwiches are big enough for 3 meals usually.

  • Ted’s Bulletin. Also, a Mangialardo’s sub is a decent undertaking as well.

  • Jettie’s for sandwiches – a bit pricey, but you do get substantial fillings.

    Kabob Palace in Crystal City – I can eat two two days off of a kabob and a couple of sides.

  • Horace & Dickie’s on H Street. The fish sandwich is like $6 and will sit anybody down.

    Also on H: Toki Underground is $10 for a HUGE bowl of ramen. Lots of people can’t finish it.

  • Smoke and Barrel. The sampler for one feeds two. The sampler for two feeds three, etc.

  • A footlong at Taylor’s will put you in a food coma – especially the subs with fried chicken cutlet. Costs around $10. Also, I dare say, a huge burrito at Chipotle is still around $7

  • Fu Lin Restaurant, portions are big and delicious comfort chinese food!

  • Old Europe? Chunk of pig on kraut and spoetzl are awesome, and I’m usually bursting at the seams after pouring a couple large steins on top of that.

  • Founding Farmers — I’ve never left there feeling anything but disgusted with myself at the amount I’ve eaten.

  • Khepra’s raw food and juice bar gives you a small bucket of raw vegan food for $15. I’m in now way a vegan or a raw foodist but I appreciate the variety.

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