Foot Locker Closing in October at 8th and H Street, NE

721 H Street, NE

Thanks to a reader for sending a link to this listing:

“Locate your Bank, Retail or Medical offices in the Heart of the H Street corridor! Footlocker is leaving in October just in time for the Holiday retail season. The 2nd floor of this building is vacant and the owner has plans to build out space to your specs! 8th & H offers an unique opportunity to operate your retail or office business”

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  • My dream has come true. Now just put in a Pottery Barn.

  • That’s a great location. I hope it becomes something good!

  • Isn’t that whole thing slated to be redeveloped?

    • That’s the H Street Connection, across Eighth Street from this (there’s a very similar athletic footwear store there, too, perhaps explaining the confusion).

      Dunno the status of when all that is supposed to happen, tho. Think it keeps getting pushed back.

  • I wouldn’t mind some type of kitschy home decor store.

  • Times change. But, I remember when this store opened about 10 years ago. I was doing a community service project with a kid from the neighborhood and we got to talking about H Street. All of a sudden he got very excited about this store, and I remember him telling me, “they have everything there, all the styles”. I guess he felt that the other shoe stores in the area, and there were many, did not carry the national styles and models, but Footlocker did. I think he wanted to participate in the national, brand retail market, and not be left out because of where he lived. Nice kid.

    Anyway, that’s a prime corner and there are other retailers who can maximize its potential.

  • Another bank? Is that really who they’re trying to attract? Considering that two of the four corners at that intersection are filled by large bank branches, and that there’s a Bank of America one block to the east, how many more banks does that neighborhood need?

    • I hope it doesn’t become a bank. This part of H needs to become more walkable with inviting retail. Banks never enliven the streetscape.

  • You know gentrification of a neighborhood is nearly complete when there are cries for a “kitschy home decor store” where a Foot Locker once stood.

  • I thought it was a false second floor there? I will go double check once my son wakes up. Unless they are going to build out a second floor.

    • That’s my recollection as well. From the back, the second floor looks like only a front and side facade. If there is indeed a second floor, it’s not a full floor.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Must be related to “the owner has plans to build out space to your specs”?

  • I would LOVE for it to turn into a gym…im guessing there’s not enough space. NoMa/H Street needs gym!

    • justinbc

      Yeah, I wouldn’t mind a Vida there with a rooftop pool membership similar to the U St setup. I would definitely sign up.

    • That would be awesome. I think of the western end of H Street as being a health/fitness destination anyway– we already have Fitness Together, Yoga District, Bikram Yoga Capitol Hill, Khepra’s Raw Food Juice Bar, and there will be an organic market coming to the Z-Mart space. A big gym with a pool would be a nice addition.

    • Allegedly, there’s talks for a gym to go into the building that will go up after H Street Storage is torn down. Perhaps closer in time, the manager at the Crunch downtown said they were scouting H Street for a potential new location. Reasonably priced gym = yay!

    • Agree! I would LOVE a gym in this spot, or anywhere on H street. A Vida with a pool would be a dream but I’d be happy with a Gold’s or anything with ellipticals and fun classes. They’d have my membership for sure.

  • Perfect spot for a DTLR.

  • jim_ed

    That place used to be MADNESS on limited edition Jordans release day. 8:00 am and a line around the block, security, etc. Was always kind of funny to stumble upon while walking to the bus stop at 7 or 8 in the morning on a random wednesday or so.

  • I really really really hope another bank doesn’t go in here. I live on 6th and always avoid walking past 8th due to large numbers of people who hang out on the corners here. It’s been a continual issue for residents and I think retail would help this section of H. Plus there are already two banks across the street, and another one going into 360 H (which was really disappointing to hear).

    • I’m the one who commented at 1:18 above and I agree. I live on 8th Street SE and avoid taking the bus or walking straight up my street to get to H. That intersection is just too sketchy, especially at night. Having more stuff that’s open later would make the middle of H Street safer and more welcoming.

      Also, I don’t understand the need for so many banks everywhere. Online banking, ATMs, and phone calls satisfy the banking needs of almost everyone.

    • Seriously what is it with the banks? There are WAY too many banks around here. I would have thought a nice place like 360 could attract something better than a lifeless BB&T. The spot in that building seems big enough for an Atlanta Bread Company or some kind of other big chain. Hopefully the Foot Locker will become some kind of nice retail. A neighborhood hardware/garden store perhaps?

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