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  • ThunderCheese

    Thank Jehovah PBR finally made it to AdMo!

  • Federal Fed Restaurant? huh

  • I prefer fed federal….has anyone eaten here yet? any good?

  • The name is pretty silly, but the menu sounds kind of interesting.

  • Apparently Federal is the restaurant and Fed is the downstairs lounge. I think they should have just left “Fed” off the awning and simply said “Federal”. Food concept sounds good in an article in the washingtoncitypaper. Anyone have a link to the menu?

  • So, I ate here a couple days ago on a whim and have to say I was pretty blown away by the food. Unfortunately, the fact that menu items are all “heavy” pub grub and the small plates concept will turn many people away at the door. With that said, the plates were all more like small plates-plus–three would easily be enough for two people. The food was fantastic: had the corndogs and fried chicken–greasy, but perfect and each came with accompaniments like fries and mashed potatoes. Not sure how well the BBQ will do with bbq next door. The décor inside looks about the same as it once was. The service wasn’t perfect (had to ask for water to be refilled), but honestly, our server and the bartender were very friendly and eager, which can make up for the mistake here or there and seems to be missing from most places these days. Should be a good spot for drinks and to watch a game (many TVs plastered on the wall).

  • I want this place to succeed because apparently the folks behind it are serious about their craft (cocktails), but it has a couple things going against it: 1) the name(s). Possibly the worst they could have chosen. 2) lack of outdoor space on a strip filled with roofdecks and patios.

    I wish them the best though and will give it a shot soon.

  • I disagree, I think the name is fine. I have eagerly been waiting for this place to open and I look forward to trying it out!

  • is adams morgan becoming cool again?

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