EL Atardecer Restaurant Coming to former DC Fish Carryout space in Columbia Heights

3475 14th Street, NW

Back in Feb. 2013 I shared some scuttlebutt that a Mexican restaurant would be coming to the former DC Fish Carryout space [where MPD had previously found large quantities of crack cocaine] at the corner of 14th and Otis Place, NW. A recent liquor license posted out front says:

EL Atardecer Restaurant

New restaurant serving Salvadorean and Mexican cuisine with seating for 60 patrons. Total occupancy is 60. Sidewalk Café with seating for approximately 29 patrons.

They hope to be open Sunday through Saturday 7am-3am.

Updates when they get closer to opening.

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  • Whatever they do I hope they don’t change the recipe for the crack there.

  • andy

    With those hours, it’s more like “Amanecer hasta Atardecer.”

  • With those hours, on that corner… It’ll be like Room 11 North, right?

  • They have a LOT of work to do…

  • I hope this doesnt turn into like the “restaurants” a couple blocks North from here. Like the Carolina. But to be open until 3 am, with similar clientel there will be problems.

  • Yep, I *was* excited for this place. Not so much anymore…

  • I hope the residents of Otis can rally together ASAP to make sure this place isn’t open until 3:00 AM. Best to nip this before it is approved. The police (and this neighborhood) DOES NOT need another Carolina on our hands.

    All businesses North of here should be concerned as well… Your patrons will not feel safe walking past this place if it is the magnet for MS13 gangs like the Carolina.

  • this is really bad for north 14th street, we have to protest against it

  • what a unique restaurant for 14th street . . . .

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