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  • That website is a disaster. it shouldn’t be live.

    “Thousands drive and walk through the streets of Washington DC uptown seeking a refreshing experience everytime. “

    • If seeking such a refreshing experience at DaLuft, don’t forget your disco balls and sunglasses: http://daluftdc.com/thelounge/?page_id=9

      • Can I just point out that that is clearly a gallery of high-school aged kids? They look like homecoming dance pictures. Who creates a website for a bar that isn’t even open yet and then lies on it to imply that they already have held events- events where 15 year old kids drink mocktails and apparently slow dance while wearing sunglasses??? I’m dreading this place opening-not looking forward to dodging the inevitable bullets/fights outside…but if they run this bar with the level of ineptitude displayed on their website at least it won’t be around long.

  • So that ‘s what Lorna Luft is doing these days!

  • I read the following:
    Thousands drive and walk through the streets of Washington DC uptown seeking a refreshing experience everytime. This powerful, charming and luxurious atmosphere always demands a destination of satire, refreshments and entertainment worthy of exclusivity and glamour. DA-Luft lends this experience to every noble patron once they walk into our doors. Socialize with the best of the beautiful, taste from the top-rated and drink from a wine cellar blessed by countries far and wide. In otherwords.. Escape the norm!

    and didn’t know whether to laugh, cry or vomit. F me.

  • They’ll be something stabby or shooty going on there in no time. Looks like a total front.
    Here’s their main “server”:
    “He makes people feel warm and at home. He also serves our food nice and warm too! He can serve much more with his hands than a dishwasher can hold dishes.”

  • Will they be bringing Da Noise?

  • What the….I was under the impression this was going to be a restaurant, but the website makes it out to be a cheesy club. A cheesy club owned by people who not only don’t speak English, but don’t have the sense to hire someone who does to create their website.

  • justinbc

    Oh man, looks like I missed the Sexy Party on May 9th.

  • Well, the Staff featured in the “our people” link are from Nigeria.
    From the site:
    DJ Phemstar: He is one of the many talents discovered by 2one Music and one of the Co-founders of 2one Music. He travels back and forth between the United States and Nigeria for the hottest events ever to be hosted!
    So he co-founded 2one Music and discovered himself.

    This place will fail miserably or be shut down within weeks of opening

  • Like: the exterior paintjob.
    Dislike: everything else.

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