Columbia Heights Power Outage Closes Wonderland, Room 11, Arthur’s Grocery, and El Chucho

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 9.03.54 PM

Thanks to a reader for sending word and the photo above from Wonderland and the photo below from Red Rocks. Reader says power out from the south side of Park Rd, NW to at least Kenyon on 11th Street.

Update: On twitter another @Shipsa01 says:

“power outage in #BloomingdaleDC closed @RedHenDC”

And @KJinDC7 says Park View is also experiencing outage.

@capitaljeff says:

“#PEPCO map shows outages in Dupont, Logan, West End as well. So far no problem here n.border of 20037 in Dupont.”

and [email protected] says:

“Power outage extending east to GA Ave.”


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  • Has anyone heard what’s up? The maps make it look widespread.

  • thebear

    And the storms haven’t even gotten here yet…

    • Maybe it’s a test run for tomorrow, to see exactly what will be necessary to control hundreds of drunk hipsters, broes and people with strollers and/or dogs wandering around 11th Street in the dark.

  • Just came on here in Parkview… hopefully this time it will stay on

  • We don’t need no stinking power! Switch to gas.

  • our power lines are underground so the power outage was not storm related. still no word from pepco on a cause. pepco needs to be more transparent.

  • Our power was out on the west side of columbia heights from 9pm – 12am. Many traffic lights were out in the area during rush hour and 4 ways stop signs were put up. This backed up traffic for miles!

  • Major props to the cops for the police presence in the blacked out areas. My walk home from dinner after dark was slightly spooky, but with officers at all the intersections and lights pointed up and down the street I wasn’t too worried.

  • thebear

    Still no explanation from PEPCO?

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