Chocolate City Beer Releasing New Collaboration Beer, Silver Fox High Gravity Lager, With Copper Fox Distillery

From an email:

2801 8th Street, NE

Silver Fox High Gravity Lager

Brewed with floor malted applewood and cherrywood smoked barley malt handcrafted by the Copper Fox® Distillery at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Sperryville, Virginia, from single source barley grown on Virginia’s Northern Neck, by the shores of The Chesapeake Bay. We’ve come up with Silver Fox an 8% ABV High Gravity Lager- Slightly spicy from Munich malt, a bit of smoke and earth in the finish. Dry but Quenching.

We’ve worked with Wasmund’s before as we aged our Imperial Stout Mr. Mayor in Copper Fox Whisky Barrels. Wasmund’s™ Single Malt Whisky and Copper Fox® Rye Whisky are pot-stilled in small batches, one barrel at a time, combining the best of time-tested methods with creative innovations for aging and unique flavoring.

Only Available at the Brewery, Saturdays 1230-430pm, Starting Saturday June 15th until its gone!

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  • Not entirely related, but can anyone recommend a brewery to visit on a Saturday afternoon? I was considering biking out to either Chocolate City, Three Stars, or DC Brau (or maybe all three…), and I’m not sure what to expect. Do any of them have a decent taproom atmosphere or is more of a fill up your growler and leave sort of operation? Oh, and does anywhere do free samples?

    • DC Brau on Saturday = crowded but they give you 4 tickets for free samples. You can also get a growler fill and buy other stuff. They also do tours, but check their website for times.

      Chocolate City = sort of out of the way, but worth going once. You get a few free samples and then can buy some growlers and larger bottles of beer in their “store”. Only happens on Saturdays from like 10-4? Again, check their website.

      I have done both and if I had to do one again, I would choose DC Brau.

    • DC Brau brews what I would consider the best mass-appeal beers, and going there for growler hours is a scene, but sometimes it gets too crowded to really be enjoyable, unless you’re the sort who likes standing in long lines and saying “excuse me,” repeatedly. My advice would be to go early.

      Chocolate City has a fun, laid-back atmosphere, but they only have a few beers to taste.

      3 Stars has always been the most fun to visit, for me. They always have a great food truck parked inside the brewery, and they’re doing the most to really push the envelope in terms of experimentation with their brews. They’re great guys to talk beer with, and they have a nice little homebrew shop there, too.

  • I would bike to all three! they all have free tastings & are all wharehouses. If I had to pick one for biking to, I’d choose chocolate city because it it’s right on the MBT trail so the ride would be more scenic and fluid. Also this Sat. they are having El Floridano, one of my favorite food trucks!

    The website I posted above is an old post I found online that gives you the route for all three. Enjoy!

  • Choc city is not sort of out of the way at all if you just use a bike instead of a car. (Marauding teens are a different story)

    Its right off the MBT

  • Three Stars!!! In my opinion, they have the best and most adventurous beers in DC. Also, the tour is very interesting and it is always done by the owners/head brewers. They normally have about 5 or 6 six that they can fill in growlers.

  • Just what the DC brewing scene needs: More high-gravity beer.

    RE: brewery visits – Port City. Tour + tons of delicious beer for $10

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