Checking on Some Petworth Projects – Safeway and Raymond Rec

3830 Georgia Avenue, NW

Foundation completed and beginning to rise at the Petworth Safeway. If you pass by it on foot, be sure to grab a look while the National Cathedral is still visible in the distance.

3725 10th Street, NW

Back in March we noted the Raymond Rec Center ribbon cutting. Check out the new turf field that has gone in.

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  • National Cathedral? I think that’s more like the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.

    • PoP may be right about the Cathedral. This shot was taken standing on Georgia (the brick apartment building is on Randolph), so the Basilica would be in the direction behind the photographer.

      • Prince Of Petworth

        Yup, I’m on Georgia looking west. That is def. the Cathedral.

        • I was just going by the round dome which is the Shrine. The National Cathedral is Gothic and has spires. But if you say so….

          • Prince Of Petworth

            It’s not a round dome, that’s a bit of an optical illusion in this photo. If you look (in person) you’ll see you’ll see the spires.

        • but – as I squint a bit, that could be not a dome, but spires. My mistake.

          • What makes it confusing is the fact that the spires are shrouded in scaffolding (still doing earthquake repair, I guess). That makes them look much less spire-y.

  • Kudos to the folks who made this happen. Im curious, what do folks think this means for the Petworth neighborhood? I think the Safeway is potentially a game-changer. The Rec Center seems like a nice neighborhood amenity, but I don’t see it spurring any additional economic development. I think a stronger effort needs to be undertaken to entice other businesses. Anything in the pipeline?

    • I think Petworth in general is undergoing a rapid transformation behind the scenes right now. It will all be evident by the end of summer. The two new bars on Upshur next to Domku ( by the owner of Room11 I think..?) that are supposed to be open by fall….Blue Banana is being re-configured to a new bar, possibly with a roof deck. I heard a rumor about a cigar lounge next to the many and olgas. Vue and Mothership just opened 4 blocks or so south of that stretch. Also, There is a new Coffee shop and lounge coming to Kennedy…this safeway is just the icing on the cake!

    • Keep patronizing the mom and pops on Georgia. Maybe if they do well enough, it will encourage new retailers to show up. No one likes entering a strip where all the businesses look like they’re struggling.

      • ^^ Definitely. There are some GREAT local mom and pops around too. Tony’s Diner on Kennedy is fabulous. The Pan Lourdes bakery at Georgia/Hamilton, Also, 3 Little Pigs Charcuterie on that same block. Flip It Bakery on Georgia is great for a sandwich or breakfast too. Moroni and Brothers Pizza also near Georgia and Farragut (I think) has the best pizza in the city besides two amy’s.

  • I’m almost as psyched about the Rec Center as I am about the Safeway. Anyone have details on it? Looks like 1 tennis court and a basketball court? Will there be lights? Will the field be open for community play/pick-up games?

  • Would love to see a family friendly restaurant… there were 25 new moms (that I knew of) in Petworth when I was on leave about 1.5 yrs ago… I know even more now. Meridian Pint has the market cornered on family friendly… and they MUST make a killing since by 8pm you’re guaranteed a kid free experience. Went to Domku recently and it was clear we were not welcome. Totally understand the interest in having a kid free experience… but families in Petworth are an untapped market!

    • +1. Great idea!

    • Hey there! A couple of Fridays ago we were lucky enough to have a bunch of parents from the Petworth new moms listserv come to Chez Billy for happy hour on our patio — we all had a great time! Just wanted to reach out and remind all you Petworth parents that Chez Billy is a totally kid-friendly zone — we love getting to know our neighborhood families! Contact us through fb or twitter if you have any questions.

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