Big Metro Delays on Red Line

Metro Center

@wowindc sends the photo above at 5:30pm.

@DCPoliceDept tweets:

“Red Line service is experiencing delays due to a power issue affecting one of two tracks in the vicinity of Fort Totten. Passengers will experience delays 20-30 minutes on the RedLine”

@WMATA tweets:

“Red Line trains continue single tracking Fort Totten-Takoma due to a 3rd rail power problem. Expect delays of 30 minutes. #wmata 5:20p”

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  • I’ve just about given up on the Red Line. I’m lucky to have other transportation options where I live; I have no idea how others who can only rely on the Red Line for transit can take it anymore. It is not hard to figure out why so many people here drive to work. Wmata at least offer alternatives in the meantime (express bus routes, for example.)

  • “If men in the twelfth century had been told that the lightning had been driven for leagues underground, and had dragged at its destroying tail loads of laughing human beings, and if they had then been told that the people alluded to this pulverising portent chirpily as ‘The Twopenny Tube,’ they would have called down the fire of Heaven on us as a race of half-witted atheists. Probably they would have been quite right.”

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