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  • I always thought they were open 7 days a week after Memorial Day. Was surprised to see the weekend-only schedule when I was researching pools a few days ago! Nevertheless I had a lovely time at the Francis Pool last Sunday. 🙂

    • Ditto, I was also at Francis. Though, the lifeguard situation was really annoying (you only open the deep end since there’s only one lifeguard, thus parents & kids can’t go in the shallow end – really?!?!?)

      I left at 230, once it started sprinkling. Also, my favorite pool character, the disabled guy with Tourette’s was back for another season. I think I heard him yell “Fucking bastard!” at the pool wall 20 times to the shock & horror of the parents. 🙂

      • Yes, that was annoying. It was my first time to this pool and thought maybe it was how they normally did things!

        • No, they usually have multiple lifeguards – one at the deep end and another near the kiddie pool.

          I think there are significant budget cuts this year to the pool program. Hence having only weekend service until the end of June and only one lifeguard on duty.

          • They also have a lot of trouble hiring lifeguards. If you know anyone who can swim well enough and is either certified or willing to pay $150 for lifeguard training and CPR classes, they pay $11.50 an hour.

          • Seems like the city should set aside some budget money for training. $150 would be enough to deter most teenagers, and lord knows there are a lot of them that could use a summer job.

          • Since 2010, I remember outdoor pools being open only on weekends until DCPS lets out for the summer.

  • Emmaleigh504

    That’s awfully late, isn’t it? Has it always been this late?

    • For as long as I’ve had kids in DCPS, the pool openings have been tied to the DCPS schedule–weekends only until DCPS lets out.

  • I just bought a house in D.C. and leaving my beautiful highrise full of amenities including a pool behind in Arlington, I am completely unfamiliar with the DC public pool system, but I would love to take advantage of it. Anyone have any suggestions on which pools to go to or stay away from?

    • Do you like your neighbors? If so, just go to the outdoor pool nearest your house, and your neighbors will be there–roughly 75% of the ones with kids and 10% of the ones without. If you’re a serious (or even semi-serious) swimmer, or you don’t like your neighbors and/or kids, go to an indoor pool–you’ll probably have the place to yourself.

    • Francis pool (in the West End) and Volta pool (in Georgetown) are the best – fairly quiet, older crowd (i.e. age 25+), nice pools.

      I think Banneker is a total sh#tshow. I go to Francis, despite living 3 blocks from Banneker.

      The pools are free with a DC ID or a copy of your lease/mortgage/utility bill and another form of photo ID.

    • Depends on what you’re looking for. Do you have kids (Rosedale)? Are you in it for the people watching (Banneker or Francis)? Do you want something more serene (Volta)? Do you want to be able to swim laps (any of the indoor pools)? Do you have a car (East Potomac)?

      • My Fiance and I are our mid-20’s and are coming from a pool that does not have a lot of kids, if there are kids who are there they are toddlers, mostly everyone in our current building is also in their mid-20’s, we do have a car so driving a pool wouldn’t be a problem, since we bought near Ft. Totten I figured we would have to drive no matter what to get to a decent pool. thanks for all of the help!!!

    • Haines Point is best for relaxing. It’s always been on the quieter side since you have to drive to get there.

  • Did anyone successfully make it to the Banneker pool this past Saturday? They were supposed to open at 12:00, and we were waiting in line from 11:45. Finally at 12:15, someone came out to tell us that it would be another 20 minutes until the pool was “ready.” Then a little later, they came out again and said that it would be up to an hour until the pool was ready… We bailed since we didn’t want to spend quality pool time standing on a 90 degree sidewalk on Georgia Ave, but I was wondering if anyone made it in and found out what was holding things up.

    • I was at Banneker last weekend and was also waiting in line at 11:45. They didn’t end up opening until 1:00. Apparently they were having issues with the electricity that was feeding the pump and filter system.

    • I waited in line, too, but was glad to get a chaise lounge. Please, keep telling everyone that it’s a s#it show there because I’d like it to stay nice and not over crowded this summer. There were not nearly as many kids running around as I thought. Kids without a DC license were not allowed in unless accompanied by an adult.

      • I LOOOVE Banneker Pool. It is awesome. Except if you’re planning to come and make it too crowded fro me, in which case it is a terrible terrible place that you should never go to.

        In seriousness, it is very nice. Good crowd. Huge pools. Lockerrooms are ok. cleanish but shower soap dispensers are always broken/missing. Bring an extremely heavy-duty lock for the lockers or just take your stuff with you to poolside.

        • Eh, I don’t like all the concrete around Banneker, it gets way too hot there. Francis and Volta at least have some shade from the nearby trees and are surrounded by luscious greenery. Especially Francis, which abuts Rock Creek Park.

          • True, there’s no shade at Banneker. But then I don’t want trees too close to a pool. Don’t want leaves and pollen gunk getting into the water.

        • *Huge “pool.” There are two but only one is huge

    • I was at Banneker Saturday and had a nice afternoon. I didn’t get there until around 2, though, so I didn’t get a chair.

  • Hello. I haven’t taken advantage of the DC pools yet and hope I’ll get to one this summer. Are pool patrons allowed to bring their own lounge chairs? I couldn’t find any info on DPR website.

    • Good question – my GF was asking me about that when we were at Francis this weekend. I don’t think that they would stop you.

      However, I have seen them yell at people for eating food while seated away from the pool in lounge chairs. So you need to be sly if you’re going to have some food (eat raisins, chips or cookies – don’t pull out a big sandwich or salad).

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