“Avoid area for traffic control at 4900 Rockwood Parkway NW. Bear running in area”

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@DCPoliceDept tweets:

“MPD FYI:Avoid area for traffic control at 4900 Rockwood Parkway NW. Bear running in area.//4014″

Update from MPD:

“Traffic Advisory 4900 blk of Rockwood Pkwy is clear & all lanes are open. The bear has been relocated to the Zoo by DC Animal Control.”

Saga continues! Update from Washington Humane Society on our facebook page:

“WHS Field Officers have safely tranquilized and captured the bear in NW DC. The bear is safe and sound. We are working with our DC Department of Health and Washington Metropolitan Police Dept. partners to transport and release the bear back into the wild. More details to come.”

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  • Odd time and location for Bear Happy Hour…

    • Haha. had similar repsone to the “caption photo”. Maybe there is a secret bear happy hour/convention going on that we’re not aware of.

  • Good grief! I grew up in a house a block from there, and never encountered a bear in the last 30 years! Sheesh – neighborhood’s changing!

  • justinbc

    Extreme hashing.

  • DC police’s new approach to combat crime? loose animals running around DC. I can’t wait for the panda to patrol DC’s downtown!


  • Why did they take the bear to the zoo? Did the bear come from the zoo? Better veterinary care at the zoo?

    • I mean, would you expect them to take the bear to the GW hospital?

    • My guess would be that the Zoo is the closest place that has cages large enough to hold a bear safely and staff who know how to keep it healthy while incarcerated.

  • Have questions about that last statement from MPD. Doubt they would take the bear to the Zoo. The Zoo doesn’t really have the facilities to deal with a wild bear (they would need to quarantine it somewhere, etc.). And reporters on the scene are also questioning MPD tweet saying that the bear was just spotted in a yard.

    • NBC4 is reporting just now that the bear has been darted. So the MPD tweet from earlier was clearly wrong.

  • Must have run up there from the Russian embassy down on Tunlaw Road.

  • So the MPD tweet was just completely and totally wrong. Not only was the bear not down at that point in time, it’s not going to the Zoo. According to reporters on the scene the bear is just be now being loaded into Animal Control truck and the Zoo has tweeted out that the bear will not be coming there.

    Makes you wonder what other incorrect information the MPD twitter account puts out.

  • Was it chasing Brienne of Tarth?

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