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Ed. Note: Thanks to Michelle for putting together this list of adoptable pets. It will be featured the last Friday every month. If you are interested in submitting an adoptable pet you can email Michelle at Help.the.Pups.DC(at)gmail(dot)com

Fondue - Tails High

Fondue – Tails High, Inc.

Fondue is 5-year old female, all-white beauty with amber eyes from Tails High, Inc.  Initially found as a stray, she’s a sweet interactive feline that has fully adapted to indoor life, likes to play with a ball or string, and purrs up a storm.  She is good with kittens but needs slow introductions to other adult cats.  If you would like to adopt Fondue, or any of our adoptable cats and kittens, please complete our adoption application on our website.  You can also visit us at one of our upcoming events!

Walter - Homeward Trails

Walter – Homeward Trails Animal Rescue

Walter is a 4-year old poodle mix from Homeward Trails Animal Rescue.  Despite having suffered a broken pelvis as a result of getting kicked prior to his rescue, this little pup gives everyone kisses and looks to them with thankful eyes for helping him and saving him in just the nick of time.  With proper medical care, he should be able to live a happy life.  If you’re interested in adopting this little cuddledud, please complete our dog adoption form and email it to [email protected].  You can also meet some of our adoptable animals at one of our events!

Layla - Rural Dog Rescue

Layla – Rural Dog Rescue

A cat in a dog’s world – beautiful Layla is one of Rural Dog Rescue’s very first rescue cats.  While Layla’s kittens have found their forever homes, this sweet, petite girl is still hoping to find hers!  You can apply to adopt Layla, or any of our animals, by sending the adoption application to [email protected].  If you would like to foster one of our animals, feel free to send the foster application to that email address as well.  You can meet Layla and many of our adoptable animals at our weekly adoption event this Saturday, June 1, at Howl to the Chief, 733 8th Street SE from noon until 3pm.

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Kirk - City Dogs

Kirk – City Dogs Rescue

This smiling pup is Kirk, a 2-year old boxer-pit mix from City Dogs Rescue.  Kirk has had a rough start at life, but he still has hope for us humans – he is friendly with people and very loyal.  He is always happy to see his foster and is eager to please.  He is even house trained and has completed a training program.  He would love to find his new best buddy with an owner that can be a strong leader, continue socializing him, and reinforce his training.  You can apply to adopt Kirk or any of our available dogs on our adoption page, apply to foster one of our pups here, or meet some of our pups at one of our upcoming events!

Captain - Home Alone Feline Rescue

Captain – Home Alone Feline Rescue

Captain is a 3-year old domestic male cat from Home Alone Feline Rescue.  This sweet boy is a little “prince in the making.”  While he had to fend for himself on the street, he is so grateful to soak up the attention in his foster – he loves to crawl in your lap, gives kisses, and even follows his foster mom around like a puppy!  He is very playful and likes to arm wrestle, so he may be best without very young children, but he greets strangers like long-time friends and likes his feline friends too.  If you’re interested in adopting or meeting Captain (or any of our cats!), please email us at: [email protected].

Mary - Lucky Dog

Mary – Lucky Dog Animal Rescue
Mary is a 2-year old bulldog/boxer mix from Lucky Dog Animal Rescue.  There really are so many things about Mary that will make you fall in love with her!  She is fantastic with children, gentle and respectful of people, and gets along great with other canine friends too!  She knows how to walk nicely on a leash and loves to snuggle and play with toys, especially the squeaky ones.  If you think Mary, or any of our rescues, might be a good fit for your family, please send our adoption questionnaire to Holly at  To learn about fostering one of our animals, please contact us at [email protected].  And, feel free come check us out at one of our events this weekend!

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  • This spot is an absolutely wonderful idea. 🙂 Kudos to Michelle for doing the legwork!

  • Ugh I really want to adopt a pet but I live alone and I feel like it would be mean to leave it alone for so much of the day. And I dont have a fenced yard to leave it in.

    • How about adopting or fostering a cat? Depending on the cat, they can do very well when their person is at work during the day. You just have to provide a little entertainment, like a window to look out of and some play time when you get home. I grew up with dogs and was skeptical of cats until I first adopted one a few years ago. Very glad I did it!

      This is a great feature- thanks to Michelle and PoP. I just hope people see this important post on a Friday afternoon…

      • I second the cat idea. I grew up with dogs but have 2 cats now and it’s a lot of fun…plus when it’s cold or rainy out you don’t have to go out to walk them!

        The younger of our cats goes outside on a leash (though she doesn’t really take long walks…more like wander and sniffs) and plays fetch inside with a little ball. Pretty equal to a little dog in terms of fun, and she’s fine while we’re at work as long as we give her some playtime in the morning and evening.

    • No one should be leaving their pet in the yard all day, anyway.

      As for your other concerns, I’m not sure why a couple would be able to spend more time with the pet than a single person, unless they had vastly different work schedules. Of course, if you travel a lot, work long hours, or have a hectic social calendar a pet is probably not a good idea, but if you can feed it in the morning and again in the evening you could have a cat at least. If it’s a small dog you’ll just need to add in 2 or 3 10-minute walks that aren’t spaced too far apart.

      • Just because a dog is small, doesn’t mean it isn’t high-energy. Many small dogs need lots of exercise…more than just two or three short walks a day. Something to keep in mind.

    • Alan – that’s a valid concern that a lot of people can relate to pre-pet. Have you had an opportunity to talk to anyone about this? I think you would find it’s a common lifestyle, and animals are very adaptable. I struggled with that for a long time before deciding to get my dog. I got her in January and haven’t looked back since; shes changed my life for the better, and I wouldn’t trade my decision (or the long work days while she’s sleeping at home!) for anything. If you’re serious about giving a pet a loving home then I encourage you to look into, or perhaps fostering would be a good way for you to test it out while helping a lot of dogs in limbo. That’s my (unsolicited) two cents. 🙂

      • I’ve had pets all my life growing up. But frankly I don’t want to have to make plans if I want to go away for the weekend etc. Also I know I can have a pet in my current apartment but what if I want to/need to move. That could make it extra tricky. Oh well, I’ll just enjoy them from afar for now.

    • When I had a full time job, I also had a dogwalker come mid-day. The few times when my dogwalker couldn’t make it the dog did fine (no accidents).

      Now I’m mostly working from home and you know what my dog does all day? Sleep on the couch (only rousing to bark at the mailman).

      If you give your dog good walks in the morning and when you come home, and some playtime with you s/he should be fine.

    • how about adopting or fostering a rabbit? they are crepuscular so they sleep during the day while you are at work and at night while you are asleep and are active in the morning and evening when you would be getting ready for work and when you were home for the day. they are not much more work than a cat, can be litter and clicker trained, are smart, funny and a lot of fun to have around. check out for more information!

  • I want walter! poor guy!

    What a cutie. I don’t think my two current dogs would be into a brother, but oh man I hope he gets a GREAT home.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    Also there is an adopt-a-thon this weekend at the Washington Animal Rescue League

  • Walter needs donations so that he can have surgery to repair his broken pelvis. If anyone has a few extra bucks, he still needs about $3,000 for the surgery. You can click on the “medical care” link in his description up top to make donations.

  • Yay for adoptable animals!

    We just adopted our dog through City Dogs Rescue and I really can’t say enough good things about them!

  • Walter, I hopefully am giving you a chance for a much better life with a $100 donation. I’d love to adopt you but our five cats would probably not be very welcoming. Hope you get well soon…..

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