Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Office Space on H Street

1307 H Street Northeast

This office rental is located at 1307 H Street, NE:

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The listing says:

“Perfect office space on H Street. Be in the center of the Atlas District. The office building is on the same block as the Atlas Theatre. The Atlas District is bustling with new businesses and restaurants that can be enjoyed during lunch time and/or after work hours. With street cars coming soon, commuting around the city will be easy and convenient.”

It’s going for $600/Mo.

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  • Wait, $600 a month? Is it just a shell inside? I don’t get why it’s so cheap.

  • justinbc

    Doesn’t say how much space is available…

    Even still, not sure you would want office space on H St unless you want to be completely away from everything. During the day it’s very quiet there around that block without much foot traffic. Many of the restaurants are only open for dinner too.

    • Depends on where the core of your business is. And when the street cars come online, I doubt you will call this neighborhood “completely away from everything” (not that it’s true even now). And it clearly must not be inconceivable to have a business run during the daytime house – ask the many salons, shops and restaurants that are open during the day.

      • justinbc

        I’m not saying there’s nothing there, but during “normal business hours” it’s somewhat of a ghost town by comparison. Without more details on the space available from this really sparse listing it’s hard to tell what kind of business it would attract.

  • Hell yeah, im taking this and bringing my air mattress!

    • I could totally see some trust fund baby just using this “office” as a crash pad after a hard night of drinking/a place to take “clients” they meet at the bar for a late night “consultation”. Ha!

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