Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – “LIVE IN AN ARCHITECT-DESIGNER’s OWN HOME”

2725 39th Street Northwest

This rental is located at 2725 39th Street, NW:

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The listing says:

art deco dishwasher dryer garbage disposer microwave oven – gas refrigerator
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LIVE IN AN ARCHITECT-DESIGNER’s OWN HOME (published). Spacious, light-filled 1-BR end unit with custom furnishings, separate bath/dressing area, glass shower, ample storage space and closets, dining L and separate kitchen with upgraded appliances. Green space views from two sides of 4th floor. W/D in unit. Rental parking available. Fully furnished at $3100. TRULY FABULOUS!”

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $3,100/Mo.

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  • Meh

    It’s nice place but totally not worth the price, even if you’re looking for a luxury remodel. It’s nice, but really not that impressive. You could get a (more modest) 1 bedroom for nearly half the price in Glover Park.

  • I’m gonna have to go ahead and say, nooooooooo, ummmkayyyyy?

  • Truly overpriced!

  • Bwah ha ha ha. It’s in the middle of nowhere. No.

  • Does the rental come included with all that furniture? If so, then it’s probably fair. Otherwise – HA!

  • It does say it’s fully furnished, but still. Google street view shows a whole lotta nothing. Outrageous price.

  • Oh dear, I need a laugh today. Thanks!

  • Is that price a typo?

  • Where is the photo of the “art deco dishwasher dryer garbage disposer microwave oven?” Could make it totally worth it. Or not! And why does all modern furniture look the same (and uncomfortable?)

  • justinbc

    For short term housing I could see someone being interested in this, but aside from that why would you want to pay a premium for someone else’s taste in design?

  • Not for me, even if it came with a living Frank Lloyd Wright!
    Don’t like the style, don’t like the location, don’t like the price.

  • Ridiculous.

  • Not really all that “special”. The bathroom isn’t much different from what I put together for the little house I had in Atlanta. There are lots of large apartments like this in Upper NW and if anything the custom furnishings would make me feel less comfortable. It’s probably meant for someone who’d never be there are disturb the furnishings. Priced right for someone for a workaholoic who wants to make a good impression on the rare visitor.

  • It looks like the bedroom is only accessible through the bathroom. Weird.

  • I live literally across the street in a two bedroom and total rent is over $1000 less a month. I love the neighborhood, no matter what the “middle of nowhere” people say, but the price on this is just ridiculous.

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