Wanna Go To a Wedding?


A reader sends in this Craislist ad – and wonders if this the “Greatest Craigslist Personal Post Ever”?

One Man Needs Date to a Wedding – 28 (Northwest DC)

Due to a last minute cancellation (we do not speak of her name) I’m resorting to the powers of Craigslist to help me find a date for a wedding this weekend in Lexington, VA (i had to google it as well). If you’re still reading here are the facts and why you should come:

– you only yolo once
– you get to wear a dress
– open bar & food all night
– you get to pop n lock it w me on the dance floor (see pic 2)
– I can fly (see pic 3)
– I tend to ride a lion on top of horse (see pic 4)

more fun facts about your potential date:
– I have a degree
– I have a job
– I am a clean man
– I have never been arrested
– I don’t like murder

Looking for a well-rounded young lady that is educated, can dance, and is at least 21.

if interested you should please provide:
– a selfie
– brief resume
– your favorite color

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  • If anyone goes through with this I’d recommend meeting the guy there. You do not want to be stuck in a place like Lexington with someone you don’t know being your only way home.

  • This is hilarious.

    +1 on the idea of meeting the person there.

  • Not bad looking.

  • Hey, isn’t that Justinbc?

  • I’d rather take my chances with any random dating site before I tried meeting someone from Craigslist for anything other than buying stuff… That is a scary concept there…

    • Eh, if you go on a couple dates first (meeting him at a public place) I don’t see how this is any worse than going with someone you met at a bar or on a dating site.

    • Take dating advice from you? No thanks…

    • i think jack is in a good position to provide perspective here. he’s single and looking and his quandries are pretty normal (to pursue or not to pursue). i give points for honesty and at least he’s candid about his experience with the crazy process of finding someone.

  • AND he possesses rudimentary Photoshop skills! That’s a good trait to pass on to future offspring.

  • +10 for creativity.
    Meet him there, and have fun.

  • The guy sounds a bit full of himself but I think this would be fun. He’d probably be down for creating an elaborate tale of how you two met 10 years ago, and you two can hold court entertaining the other guests with it.

  • I know that guy! Old classmate. If you are interested, he’s a nice guy. He won’t ‘R’ you or anything.

  • I think I see why the original date backed out.

  • Pretty inconsiderate of him to make his potential dates Google Lexington. I’m a far nicer person, so I’ll save you all the work:

    Lexington is an independent city, separate from but surrounded by Rockbridge County in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The population was 7,042 in 2010.[3] Lexington is about 55 minutes east of the West Virginia border and is about 50 miles north of Roanoke, Virginia. It was first settled in 1777.
    It is home to the Washington and Lee University (W&L) and Virginia Military Institute (VMI). It is the county seat of Rockbridge County.[4] The Bureau of Economic Analysis combines the city of Lexington (along with nearby Buena Vista) with Rockbridge County for statistical purposes.
    Union General David Hunter led a raid on Virginia Military Institute during the American Civil War. Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson are buried here. It is also the site of the only house Jackson ever owned, now open to the public as a museum. At the Sam Houston Wayside is a 38,000 pound piece of Texas pink granite commemorating the birthplace of Sam Houston, governor of both Tennessee and Texas. Cyrus McCormick invented the horse-drawn mechanical reaper at his family’s farm in Rockbridge County and a statue of McCormick is located on the Washington and Lee University campus. McCormick Farm is now owned by Virginia Polytechnic University and is a satellite agricultural research center.

    • Google Maps says Lexington, VA is between 3 and 3.5 hours from D.C.

      I dunno…

      Since it’s this weekend, there’s no time to go on any dates with the guy beforehand and vet him. So that pretty much necessitates driving there yourself.

      But that is a LONG drive to be doing to go to a wedding with someone you’ve never met.

  • speaking of YOLO…

    Maybe he should consider a gay guy. I’d go!

  • Dude… it’s a wedding, not a cocktail party. They’re probably paying a sh*t load of cash per person to celebrate their daughter’s wedding… not show you a good time on a first date. It’s OK if you’re in a relationship… it is NOT cool to audition some random girl and take the lucky winner to a celebration meant for friends and family.

    • I got the impression that he was dating someone and they broke up very recently-recently enough that it was too late for the couple to change their final count. I suppose he could have taken a mutual friend or something, but maybe they all sided with his ex in the breakup or maybe they are all already attending the wedding?

  • He’s funny, someone here has vouched for him, I’ve been to Lexington, VA, if I were single I would totally go…if he has passed this plan by with the person in the couple he is friends with. Generally guest lists do not allow for first dates and usually not even a few months old relationships. But if he’s already got a seat next to him this late in the game and couple is cool with it, then I hope he finds someone.

  • burritosinstereo

    If I wasn’t going out of town this weekend I would totally want to go to this, mostly just because of the awesome Workaholics reference.

  • I know this guy—and he’s awesome. Most of his girl friends aren’t single anymore (including me) and i’m sure that’s why he thought this would be a fun/funny thing to do 🙂 PLUS he’s a HELLUVA dancer!

  • I like that he is “clean”…

  • If I was single, I would consider it.

    And just for the record, I actually met the BF on Craigslist (years ago). May not be the smartest thing I’ve done but it worked out.

  • If I’m free, I’ll go. Sounds like a good opportunity to rewear one of my 10+ bridesmaids outfits.

  • Unfortunately, I am 41, a few years too old for him. And I cut my teeth on grunge and riot grrrl so have no pop n lock skills. So ladies, take it from experience, if you’re interested and can drive yourself down to VA go for it. He’s right, you know – yolo.

  • Did he ever find a date? There should be an update here.

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