Union Market Hosting Gospel Choir Brunches on the First Saturday Each Month

1309 5th Street, NE

From an email:

Saturday, June 1, 2013 12:30PM

Experience Union Market’s Gospel Choir Brunch on the first Saturday of every month with a dynamic performance featuring the soulful sounds of the Israel Baptist Church. The Israel Baptist Church is a local church that has been in the community and in Ward 5 for over 20 years.

Brunch is available from vendors like Buffalo & Bergen, Peregrine Espresso, Neopol’s Smokery & Border Springs Farm. The next Union Market Gospel Choir Brunch will be Saturday, June 1, 2013, whereby the Youth Choir will perform.

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  • saf

    OK, I’m gonna say first that this sounds quite cool.

    Second, I’m gonna make fun of word choice. Whereby? What kind of sentence is that?

  • Ugh. So where’s a Jew to buy his bacon in peace?

    • Union Market any day of the months aside from one – the first Saturday. Pretty sure other stores are open on that one Saturday.

  • Seems like a gross approximation of a real community activity for DC misanthropes in a church of consumption.

  • Well, not that I was planning to go to Union Market anytime soon, but this sealed the deal on my *not* going. I don’t go shopping to be accosted by religious proselytizing masked as a musical performance. And this is just the nose of the camel in the tent. Horrible decision on the part of Union Market.

    • What a horrible thing – people expressing their faith in public (through wonderful music) in a country founded on religious freedom! We might as well have an Xian Taliban running this country! (by the way, I’m being sarcastic)

    • I’m out too, but not for fear of proselytizing. I like music but if I want it I’ll seek it out. I don’t want live music going on in the background, like high-end Muzak, while I am trying to do my thing. I intentionally avoid bars with live bands too, unless it’s a band I want to see. I will definitely be watching the calendar to make sure I don’t end up at the market on the 1st Saturday of the month, unless I feel like hearing gospel. The post doesn’t say – any idea what time they finish?

    • You sound crotchety and bitter so good- stay away.

  • Some people just like good music.

    • +1 I’m an atheist and I love gospel music.

      • Me too. To the people that have a problem with this– would you not visit the great cathedrals in Europe? You can enjoy the cultural component of a religion and not get sucked in.

    • Agree. Even though I’m not in any way religious, gospel music is still good music! I also enjoy the evening church bells every night in my neighborhood even though it does not have religious meaning to me.

  • Actually the saturday gospel choir thing at Union Market has been happening for some time now. It’s great music, and I have not been accosted by religious proselytizing any more than when I pass a church.

  • This sounds awesome!!

  • I’m an atheist who also has nothing against gospel music, but don’t like this for other reasons. The acoustics in that place are just awful so it does no justice to the music. And the volume is pretty intense, so if you’re looking for a leisurely brunch to catch up with friends, this won’t be your spot.

  • In addition to the religious aspect of it, pooh-poohed by others below, I had the misfortune of attending UM on a day one of these was being held, and the acoustics of the place made it absolutely earsplitting; like, hold-your-hands-over-your-ears unpleasantly loud; the kind of loud that wasn’t helped by the trilling and caterwauling (to these ears anyway) that gospel music tends to sound like anyway. Hoping they get a better audio engineer at the very least.

  • To the people complaining, I think you need to immediately get a grip. It is ONE Saturday a month. Just don’t go that one day out of the month!! The rest of the month is your’s!!! Jeez some people complain just to complain, I swear.

    Also, Howard Theater does a gospel brunch so I sure hope those griping about the gospel aspect aren’t attending any concerts there on moral grounds.

  • i applaud them trying to do fun stuff.

  • I definitely don’t care about the church music, especially since it’s a lot of young people who I’m glad have an outlet for their talent(s).

    HOWEVER….i’ve been there twice during gospel time by accident and HOLY CRAP it’s loud. Like, you can’t hear yourself think loud. And the voices aren’t THAT great, so the combo is just horrible. I appreciate the spirit (as a Jew…come on, who cares?) but the space isn’t made for music like this. I had ringing in my ears for hours and we got out of there pretty fast.

    • I’ve never been to it but I always thought it would be loud. Maybe they should move it outside.

  • After reading through these comments, I’ve decided that I’m ONLY going to visit Union Market during the Gospel Choir Brunch, because it sounds like it’ll have the effect of keeping the more annoying d-bags away.

  • I’m almost positive no one ever converted to Christianity while listening to Gospel music at Union Market.

    Get a grip people…it sounds like an “Only in DC” experience

  • Gospel choir? No thanks.

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