Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Dupont Circle

1330 New Hampshire Avenue Northwest

This rental is located at 1330 New Hampshire Avenue, NW:

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The listing says:

“Need to be near Metro? Want to be close to Dupont Circle, Georgetown, restaurants, shopping & work? This spacious Junior 1BR condo w/ UTILITIES INCLUDED is the place for you see a nice sunset! Enjoy concierge service and onsite management service. If you want to cool off, you can do so in the outdoor pool. Housing vouchers welcome.”

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $1,650/Mo.

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  • That is a ridiculously good deal, even for a junior 1 bedroom.

  • We appear to have actually found a good deal in this series…

    • Yesterday’s was a good deal too. Maybe there’s hope for the incoming flock of summer renters.

  • Seems pretty reasonable to me for that area.

  • The apartment is pretty much a dump inside, but the location and pool – not to mention all inclusive utilities – makes is a good deal.

    • Out curiosity, have you been inside the building or any of its units? From the photos, the apartment looks a little dated, and not luxury, but not *too* terrible; I’ve definitely seen scarier interiors.

      • When I was renting hardwood floors alone would have been luxury enough for me! It looks like a great little apartment.

      • thebear

        That building was renovated just 4 or 5 years ago. History note: It is the building where Chandra Levy lived when she went missing.

        • Chandra Levy lived in the Newport, this is the Appoline.

          • thebear

            Oh, DUH! I always get those 2 confused for some reason. I know someone who moved from one to the other and back…probably her fault. 😀 The Appoline isn’t a bad building, especially location-wise. Depending on where you are going downtown, there are like 3 or 4 buses that stop right there on 20th, plus the subway is 2 blocks away.

  • i didn’t know there was ANYTHING in dupont for less than $2000! Good deal!

  • The microwave in that picture seals the deal for me.

    • In all honesty, I can’t recall ever renting an apartment that already had a microwave. I think it’s a small enough appliance that the landlord figures you can bring your own. For the longest time I didn’t have one at all because it wasn’t really necessary for the kind of cooking and eating I do.

      • I’ve rented apartments that have one installed above the stove as part of the exhaust system.

        • I’ve lived in six different apartments in DC and three in Northern Virginia and never had to provide my own microwave.

      • thebear

        My building is in the process of a total renovation. The new kitchens all have built-in microwaves over the stove. The few square feet a microwave takes makes a big difference in free counter space, especially in the efficiency units. Even mine, which is a large 1br, half of my counter space is lost to the nuker. I am so looking forward to having that space available for other things.

        • Over the stove? How are short people like me supposed to reach it?

          • thebear

            That is where most new construction puts it if it’s built-in. I don’t think I’ve seen a single listing for new luxury units (rental or condo) in Logan, NoMa, CoHi, or Atlas where the microwave is anywhere else.

          • I’m only 5 feet and it’s a total non-issue to reach. If you’re any shorter than that, you’re in the shortest 3% and landlords are not likely to build for you, but you’re probably used to that by now.

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  • It’s probably a “special” price. It’ll raise to $2200 once the lease is up.

  • I lived in that building last year and paid 1900 a month for that exact size apartment. This is a ridiculously good deal.

  • I too lived in that building for a while and paid $200 more. The pool is incredible. The only downside is that the President of the Condo Board serves as the daily pool monitor, sending bi-weekly scolding memos out to the residents and asking people to have their IDs with them at all times.

  • My favorite thing about this building is that almost all the real estate listings for it use the same rooftop pool photo where one of the deck chairs is submerged at the bottom of the pool!

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