Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – Downtown

1150 K Street Northwest

This rental is located at 1150 K Street, NW:

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The listing says:

“Only Studio in this terrific building in wonderful location. Large 657 sq. ft. Studio with granite counters in Kitchen and Bathroom. ~75 sq. ft Patio adds light and versatility. Two large double closets, washer/dryer in unit. Red, Green, Yellow lines only blocks away. Great roof deck with 360 degree views of city – terrific 4th viewing of fireworks. Gym and party room. K Street Corridor.”

This studio is going for $1,700/Mo.

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  • valentina

    The rent is to damn high!

    • Honestly, I was expecting higher because of the square footage and amenities. Odd how they’re saying it’s the only studio in the entire building? What was the logic behind that?

  • Seems like a pretty good price, relative to what you’ll find in DC. This studio is larger (total sq feet) than most 1 bedrooms in this town. It comes with a washer/dryer, patio, and access to a gym and a rooftop deck, and it’s close to metro. This will go fast.

  • Sounds about right. Especially for a large-firm person working during the week in DC but traveling home to the family on the weekends

  • I used to live in that building. Great location. Loved everything about it except the condo board policies. Not terribly renter-friendly.

  • No, I think that is way overpriced for that area ( in the middle of a business district not an entertainment distinct). And it looks like the private patio appears to be a shared patio with several other units – which renders it worthless as there is no privacy.

  • “Private patio” looks like a pen in an upscale dog boarding facility.

  • I actually think it’s too low. Maybe I’ll take it…dang.

  • That seems really cheap, considering the square footage, amenities, and location. And DC is small enough that I disagree that being at K and 12th is too business-ish a location to be good.
    Fair market value would be $4-500 more, I’d say.

  • I think it’d be weird to live on K Street. Nothing is open after like 7 pm and it starts to get skettttch around here.

    • sketch at 11th and K?? You have a low bar for “sketch” then.

      • Have you actually been here late at night? And before you answer “yes,” make sure your wife isn’t near the computer. The area is a well-known refuge of hookers which, yes, qualifies it as sketch in my book.

        • orderedchaos

          I’ve been there many times late at night, walking back to my car or bike at work (12th & K) after a Capitals game or dinner out. It seems less sketch than most of Petworth and Columbia Heights (where I live).

          Can’t speak for the wee hours like post-midnight, but it’s fine at 7 pm through at least 11pm in my experience.

    • It may not be sketch, but it’s certainly boring. Perhaps they assume when City Center opens it’ll become a more interesting neighborhood. I doubt it. Regardless of square footage, there is also something to be said for walls. It’s a studio. $1700 for a studio in that neighborhood seems steep. It’s a far less functional 675 square feet than a one bedroom.

  • Decent location, probably for a slightly older corporate type maybe pied a terre situation.

  • I call bs on 657 square feet. The living space is 22×22 (=484). No way there is 200 sq feet tied up in the hall and bathroom.

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